Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a building fire broke out 120 people were sent to hospital 17 dnf商人吧

Taiwan Kaohsiung a building caught fire 120 people escaped from the 17 hospital original title: Fengshan District of Kaohsiung Fengshan Fuxiang Street building fire 120 people fled to escape the 17 people hospital of Kaohsiung City, the 7 storey building in August 30th 2 in the morning of 8 fire, firefighters to rescue the trapped people. Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reporter Liu Xingjun photo Beijing, August 31, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the Fengshan District of Kaohsiung City, 7 storey building, yesterday (30 days) 2 a.m. 8 fire, the fire in the building smouldering, more than 120 residents fled to escape, 17 people hospital the most serious injuries, 55 year old boy woman was lying on the first floor of the parking area beside the body is on fire, the first rescued, the scene heard the suspected arson, Fengshan police have access to the monitor to clarify the case. Fengshan Police Bureau said the cause of the fire, fire, fire bureau to report the police investigation, comprehensive building tenants, tenants have no understanding of the dispute, access to the monitor was restored after the fire, fire department said on the 1 floor of the motorcycle shed, 20 motorcycles have been burned, collecting the wreckage of locomotive test. Yesterday morning a fire, residents panic escape, 11 year old boy with the surname father lives in 6 buildings, the boy climbed the window to escape, arresting father less, the boy falling on the 2 floor balcony canopy, fortunately no life-threatening. Seriously injured 55 year old woman on weekdays to work in the bakery, her husband work, his son has a mental retardation, Xu woman was rescued, and the location of the fire in the vicinity of the site, was associated with the fire was heard. "Impossible!" Xu Fu’s daughter yesterday rushed to Chang Gung Memorial to visit her mother and asked the media, she said, they married not to live with their parents, but parents every day with her mother on the phone, feeling very good, and she just gave birth to a child, mother to grandchildren, no abnormal condition. Firefighters arrived at the scene yesterday after the fire was controlled quickly, 2:22 is to extinguish the fire, residents have to hide in the balcony waiting for rescue, fire brigade dispatched ladders, step by step search, rescue stranded residents. After the night at Mr. Xie lives on the 3 floor, he said, was watching TV, the TV suddenly no signal, then smell, hear the sound of falling masonry continuously, quickly wake the wife and children, downstairs to escape "is surrounded by black smoke, the whole staircase is hot, too terrible!" Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: