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Ken Chu moved to send large pink reality dream wedding to Han Wenwen – Ken Chu and Han Wenwen wedding entertainment Sohu Han Wenwen diamond Sohu entertainment news 37 year old Ken Chu and 34 year old actress Han Wenwen married in Bali Island today, first in the morning to Chinese etiquette were married, the ceremony was held at the church this afternoon, evening again held wedding. Ken Chu idol drama origin, pet wife is no limit, it is in order to meet his wife’s bride dream. Han Wenwen yesterday afternoon’s farewell single lying is bestie, the scene is filled with a bunch of pink bubble, with the bride’s pink, 3.65 carat heart-shaped diamond ring, you can imagine her young heart. Lying in the single most dazzling than her college classmate Xiao Che, Xiao Che, Jiang Shuying and starring Honglei Sun "the good gentleman" ended soon, this time she served as bridesmaid, Yan values do not lose the bride. The couple went to attend the welcome dinner last night, and friends together, not conceal a smile. Ken Chu and Cheryl, Li Bingbing, Kelly Lin, Maggie Wu and their association with age, and finally in June last year, love Han Wenwen, and in April this year to marry him, and then in Pan Yang licensing, then released more continuous all kinds of wedding, and live to face friends, completely lifted the veil of God idols?. He said, want to leave a good memory for his wife, do a wedding she likes, do not think the wedding is luxurious but grand, but also want to give an account of all. However, Taiwan has become the wife of Han Wenwen should not be underestimated, at the age of 5 began filming, * * * has been 29 years, apart from filming, also sent a single, straight line talented. In 2000, she attended the performance Department of Beijing Film Academy, and last year she received a master’s degree in management from the University of foreign trade and economics.相关的主题文章: