Kuang’s point the amount of days to sell a single selling gold and silver gold 1320 empty dilemma candle june

Kuang’s point: the amount of days to sell a single selling gold and silver dilemma gold 1320 empty Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Fifteen of the moon’s sixteen round, happy after the Mid Autumn Festival, a lot of friends in the holiday is still fighting. During the holiday yesterday, the trend of gold and silver prices plummeted, some people still struggling to make waiting for the chance to be caught off guard. The value of the value of the market trend lies in: is the only way for all investors to profit, there is no shortcut, do not feel lucky, and when unilateral is not in the time, the layout is the focus of the recent. Today is the last trading day of the week, we simply talk, how in the case of no single day, to do list of how to control the flow. The data of unemployment last night is bad gold, but you have induced, and then the air force, followed by diving thereafter, data can not be trusted but not the whole letter, we recently found that every time the unemployment compensation is quite accurate, as long as it is such a bad trend, absolutely is not recommended to take the gold market after more than a single, unless you have already pre layout approach, the risk coefficient is much lower. We recently from 1352 empty since the win again and again, feel good, try to avoid the Bo rebound, trading as long as look for a homeopathic, no matter how tangled the trend will not change their mind, unless the variable, the trend continues to shock, high altitude,. With the recent trend of golden week figure: gold prices continue to # cash early in the 1317 line of the Mid Autumn Festival has experienced consolidation, groundless talk baptism, still maintain the original price not many variables, we suggest that in the early 1325’s theme, we can look back at the empty pre layout, yesterday finally gave us out of the opportunity. The top 1327.9 will not affect the substantial profit of 25 empty. This is not in the unilateral market, we continue to grasp the homeopathic reasons, even if it is a certain trend, festival also is not to be changed, wrong is wrong, easy to change the way of thinking of the trade shock, believe that when the real situation come you may not be able to hold profit. Today the rallies continue to vent. Wait for a rebound. Silver: morning, gold after the chat, we this week only a 19.2 silver is still in the tray empty continue to hold, and now the day after yesterday, the price of Yang, silver has been walking more simply, easy to see in the dynamic, so the key moment, we don’t want to vent the air. I have to take 5 to 18, we discuss or stay in. Today 19 – continue to vent, yesterday also arranged for entry. Have a single take good. Crude oil # experienced Wednesday morning, EIA wash basin, we didn’t see the dynamic oil prices yesterday, but the data on the day of 46 empty evening harvest 100 points to remember. Prices are now down to 43.67. Do you still doubt the prices will rise, bearish this week only ideas, and gold and silver, everyday do venting action, as long as you can see our thinking, is victory. This pressure 44.5 to the nearby to prepare their own thoughts相关的主题文章: