Landslides in Zhejiang, Suichang amounted to 400 thousand parties caused by the loss of 27 people – nvidia geforce gt 740m

Landslides in Zhejiang, Suichang amounted to 400 thousand parties caused by the loss of 27 people lost contact – Sohu news affected people relocated. He Jiangyong photo Beijing, Lishui in September 29,   (reporter Shao Yanfei Xi Jinyan Li Qianqian) by Typhoon "catfish effect", the evening of September 28th, Su Cun Bei Jie Zhen Zhejiang city of Lishui province Suichang County landslides. 29 on the morning of 9, Suichang County Government Bulletin released the northern boundary of Suichang County town of Su Village Landslide disasters. According to the briefing, September 28, 2016, about 17:28, Su village is bounded on the north by Suichang County town of landslides, causing heavy casualties and property losses. According to the current understanding, the landslide collapse amount of more than 40 cubic meters, 20 houses were buried, 17 houses water, 3 people were rescued, 10 people managed to escape, 27 people lost contact, 1 of them for the mass transfer of the town cadres. Overnight transfer of more than 1460 people in the vicinity of the masses, concentrated resettlement of 125 people, the affected people have been properly resettled. At 17:30 on September 28, 2016 Xu, Zhejiang, Suichang, north of the town of the Soviet Union in the north of the village landslide disaster occurred in the village of. The visual China briefing said that landslides for geological disaster point, September 27th, is the day before the disaster, has organized the transfer of 15 people, day of the disaster, the local town cadres once again to the transfer of the masses, the landslide occurred in the transfer process. After the disaster, Lishui City, Suichang county quickly activate geological disasters particularly significant i-level, founded rescue headquarters immediately, under the overall coordination, emergency rescue and disaster relief, medical aid and other 10 special working group, at the same time, the establishment of field command, quickly organized the provincial, city and county to carry out comprehensive rescue forces. At present, all forces are concentrated in Suichang, lost to search for and rescue personnel, troops stationed in Zhejiang, public security, armed police, fire protection, communications, electricity, sanitation, township and village all forces of more than 1200 people, rescue at the scene of the emergency rescue, and the mobilization of 21 excavators, pumps 4, 4 vehicles, 7 generators. Rescue equipment and supplies etc.. But the landslide formed lake water level rose rapidly, the threat of rescue operations, leading to large-scale rescue equipment to carry out operations. Briefing said that at present, the headquarters has formulated a plan for risk, risk dammed lake has been in full swing, to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters; to make the affected people living placement and other related work. At the same time, a comprehensive investigation of the geological hazards in the county, do a good job of group monitoring and prevention. Zhejiang provincial Party Secretary Xia Baolong for the first time gave instructions, acting governor Che Jun, vice governor Sun Jingmiao, the provincial military commander Feng Wenping, Lishui city government, Suichang county leaders rushed to the site to direct rescue work. Author: Shao Yanfei, Li Qianqian, Xi Jinyan相关的主题文章: