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Lanzhou love team donated left-behind children "healthy color cup" acacia (Figure) – the new network for the children to the cup. Du Shuangqing photo Beijing, Lanzhou, October 9, (Du Shuangqing) recently, the "flower" of rural left-behind children color childhood care plan expansion agency in Tongwei County of Gansu province Yi Gang Zhen Cui Cha Cun village, 8 students from Lanzhou University, as the 122 local rural left-behind children per person as a "healthy color Cup" in order to help children develop a habit of drinking water health. "Qisehua left-behind children color childhood care plan" by the Lanzhou University Qisehua volunteer service team management institute, jointly sponsored by the school of public health, China hkdf Shi Yongqing IFAD, Gansu green agricultural and animal husbandry development limited liability company and fund companies to provide support, is a volunteer service project specifically for left-behind children generally lack of affection and have a "drink unboiled water" the unhealthy habit of drinking water and designed and launched. Tongwei county is located in central Gansu Province, the territory of ravines, sparse vegetation, serious lack of water resources, drinking water for drinking water cellar cellar, without a high temperature cooking water cellar easily induced gastrointestinal diseases in infants. According to the local left-behind children generally face "lack of love" and "drinking water", "project team into the ceramic thermal imaging technology" color cup, will left-behind children parents rubbing on the cup body, the cup as long as the injection of hot water, immediately the cup developer parents photos. In this way, as long as the children drink hot water will be able to see mom and Dad, would like to see mom and dad would prefer to drink hot water, so the project team in order to encourage children to drink hot water, but also to ease the acacia. Project founder Guo Juanmei said, "for the left-behind children, it is not only a color glass, it is a family run across space, magic." In addition, the volunteer service team also uses "public mode + material + knowledge + spirit technology" four in one, for the left-behind children and their guardians of the popularization of sanitation of drinking water, drinking water through comic brochures, knowledge popularization, "drink boiling water" good habit to contest a series of activities to encourage children to drink plenty of water. Volunteers Wang Lina said: "in the northwest rural areas, there are many such left-behind children, we hope that through their own actions, to bring a little change for these children, whether it is in the heart warm, or a healthy habit, hope children can have a real happy and colorful childhood". (end)相关的主题文章: