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Last week, the fund’s 44 companies concerned about electronic components – fund channel after the Mid Autumn Festival fund research enthusiasm increased significantly. Data show that last week, the fund company’s survey of 44 listed companies, electronic components are closely watched by the fund. Statistics show that last week was more than 5 fund group research listed companies have 5, which is a major concern is the victory of precision. In September 19th, the harvest fund, CCB fund 10 fund companies, research the victory precision, a number of private firms and is also involved in the investigation. From the investigation of the announcement, victory precision the basic situation of the company, Suzhou United new energy materials company, product structure, technology advantages, is the focus of the fund. At the same time, the constant electrical also focus on research, fund companies in September 19th, Changsheng, China life security, Noam, Castrol, CCB and other fund companies to research electric. The focus of the fund’s focus on the company’s main business and favorable environment, the business model of electricity trading, electricity market space, the first half of the progress of charging pile, cloud energy business promotion, etc.. Shunxinnongye and information development last week has a number of fund research. September 20th, Huaxia Fund 6 fund companies Shunxinnongye development research; information is JP Morgan, Societe Generale global 8 research fund in September 20th. Overall, last week, the fund’s research sector to achieve 24, the industry is still relatively high dispersion, focusing on the various sectors of the industry leader. The highest degree of concern is the electronic components, other industrial machinery, electrical components and equipment, household appliances, communications equipment, western medicine, consumer electronics, etc. are also concerned. In the electronic components industry, tricyclic group have huitianfu and Yi Fangda, Bo, Dacheng Fund Research; huitianfu, Yi Fangda, Bo and other fund company research ultrasonic electronic Angela technology; China life security, fortune SGAM company went to research; Penghua Fund companies such as research of Shanghai Electric shares; in addition, Boshi fund the stars of science and technology research.相关的主题文章: