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Let’s play football! Quzhou public football stadium in January next year to open from the beginning of this year in mid July, Quzhou officially started the construction of the football field, the current more than a month’s time, the progress of the construction of the public football field? The people of Quzhou football field is located in the West Road to the north, between the five Lotus Road south of the park and South Park land.. Reporters saw the construction site, two excavators are working, gravel truck unloading at the side of the roof, on the ground, the workers are in a tense and orderly construction. Municipal government deputy chief engineer construction center investment project office Wang Fuyan told reporters, the public football field covers an area of 23110.3 square meters, a standard football field around the stadium, also set up a fitness runway, simple stands set up along the western Zhejiang Avenue, public toilet and other ancillary buildings. The football field uses permeable pavement, the whole site into the "sponge city" concept, the next will be paved with gravel, concrete, asphalt, and finally plastic. In addition, in order to facilitate the public to stop, they also set up 137 ground parking spaces, the entire public football stadium will be completed in January next year, after acceptance, open to the public.相关的主题文章: