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This year, Liaoning real estate sales target by 10% to exit 31 mines in the first 8 months, Liaoning new commercial housing and second-hand housing transaction area grew by 12.5% and 20.6%, this year the province’s real estate sales target growth of 10%, part of the city to the inventory is still facing great pressure. 27, 2009, the Liaoning provincial CPPCC Standing Committee meeting on the eleven, the provincial government leaders on the supply side of the structural reform of the province were informed of the progress of the sixteen. The members of the Committee for real estate to inventory, iron and steel production capacity to put forward feasible suggestions, decentralization and other aspects. [] to the inventory of new commercial housing transactions area up by 12.5% provincial government official said, as of the end of August this year, the province’s commercial housing sales area of 25 million 747 thousand square meters, down 0.9%; commercial housing sale area of 40 million 617 thousand square meters, down 10.8%; new housing transaction area of 32 million 428 thousand square meters, an increase of 12.5%; to a cycle of 25 months, 5.2 months shorter than the end of 2015. Second-hand housing transaction area grew by 20.6%, turnover increased by 20.6%. Regional commercial housing, structural problems still exist. Next, I will control increment, adjust the stock of inventory inventory, improve the supporting construction, plus greenhouses change and use of housing provident fund, encourage farmers into buyers through strict measures, and strive to 2-3 years, the real estate inventory adjustment to a reasonable level, to ensure the completion of the 2016 sales growth in the area around 10% target. Members suggested: to encourage housing leasing companies to issue bonds based on the current situation of the real estate in Fushun in-depth investigation, the provincial CPPCC member Dong Chunran to put forward some suggestions to inventory. He believes that some cities should further control the supply of land, if necessary, should be suspended in 2-3 years of real estate supply. At the same time, control the volume of commercial housing development, reduce inventory increment. Secondly, to encourage the insurance industry to enter the real estate market, and real estate enterprises to jointly carry out the purchase of insurance business, to provide consumers with the expected future security. Encourage real estate development enterprises to carry out leasing business. Encourage financial institutions to provide financial support to housing rental enterprises. Support qualified leasing companies to issue bonds, real estate securitization products. [go] capacity before the end of October will also exit 31 mines according to the provincial government informed, I save production tasks is: 2016 -2020, to resolve the excess steel production capacity of 6 million 20 thousand tons, exit 140 mines, resolve excess coal production capacity of 30 million 400 thousand tons. This year, plans to complete all the excess capacity to resolve the task of steel, coal mines 39, to resolve the coal production capacity of 13 million 270 thousand tons. By the end of August, the steel industry has to resolve the excess production capacity of 4 million 820 thousand tons, accounting for 80.07% of the amount of the annual task, work smoothly. Anshan Baode Steel Co., two 45 ton converter has been removed and exit the crude steel production capacity of 1 million 600 thousand tons, Chaoyang Mingxin Foundry Co., 30 tons of converter has been sealed and exit the crude steel production capacity of 500 thousand tons; 16 iron and steel enterprises in Liaoyang County, 7 intermediate frequency furnace has been demolished, 5 have been sealed, exit diameter steel production capacity of 2 million 720 thousand tons, the remaining 4 enterprises plan.相关的主题文章: