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Liverpool Legend Group Pogba: poor discipline – Sohu   sports Fellaini pot back for him; the Liverpool Legend Group Pogba: September 13th Beijing time poor discipline, according to the "net" message, Liverpool legend Carragher Pogba in the Manchester derby for the performance of the criticism, that the French undisciplined, the loss of the situation there are 10-15 times. In fact, in the Manchester derby, bogeba’s performance is indeed a very general, in addition to several good dribbling, he almost no points at all, not to prove their worth 89 million pounds. When it comes to Manchester City Derby, Carragher commented, "I don’t think Guardiola’s tactics are right, I don’t think that Mourinho’s tactics are wrong. Manchester United players did not play as expected, in the middle of the break, he changed two people, but Pogba’s play is disappointing." Carragher then explained, "in such a high level of competition, as a midfielder, Pogba in the first half of the discipline is unacceptable, it’s hard to find a worse than his disciplined player. For this play Bo Geba, I can only say that he is the best player in the school football, he played running and movements are very casual, completely undisciplined." Carragher also believes that because Pogba did not discipline, this let Manchester get a lot of opportunities, "such a situation in the game probably 10-15 times, although I never said so, but I still want to say, Fellaini is really pitiful." (Black Mamba)相关的主题文章: