Longchamp Shanghai flagship store opening Jingan Kerry Center wall art cooperation ca1834

Longchamp unveiling of the Shanghai Jingan Kerry Center flagship store wall art cooperation lead: before the French brand "Longchamp" Longchamp Shanghai new flagship store located in Shanghai downtown area: Jingan Kerry center. Jingan Kerry Centre is located in Nanjing West Road District of central Nanjing West Road and Changde Road intersection at the center of the lot, closely linked Shanghai city vitality. "Longchamp" Jingan Kerry Center flagship store has opened the trial operation recently, Front Gate shops are placed in front of the German artist Franz Ackermann from art design ingenuity alone the linoleum wall. This work is called "Art Walk series two: swim forest", art display device with the beginning of the year when spring, Paris Saint Honore flagship store on the occasion of the renovation in the front of the line. At that time in order to cover the entire store during renovation, "Longchamp" invited American artist Ryan McGinness portrait masterpiece, the transformation process of renovation into an arts event, then the birth of the "Mindscapes" of this delicate and full of vitality of works. The shop to take on an altogether new aspect Saint Honore street a new weather. LONGCHAMP Jie Shanghai Jingan Kerry Center flagship store wall art cooperation brand CEO, is also the founder’s grandson, is? (Jean Cassegrain) said, Cassegrain flagship store stands in so conspicuous and valuable lots of gold, with only an ordinary cloth cover is clearly justified, can set up this device in the center of Shanghai art important to us. "Longchamp" from Paris, settled in Shanghai, the two city full of vitality and creative city root. In Franz Ackermann’s work, travel is a common theme, so this work can move you and me, and the spirit of the brand is closely related, this is no doubt. No matter the length of the journey, "Longchamp" products will always accompany in side. Franz Ackermann works through the expression of the vitality of the color of the law, and the brand image is very fit. LONGCHAMP Jie Shanghai Jingan Kerry Center flagship store wall art artist Franz cooperation Ackermann said, "enjoy the forest" this masterpiece of natural forests moved to the city streets. In the forest, we can see large areas of land and a lot of smaller space, called the niche area. Time and space interlace. From a distance, the shape and color is particularly conspicuous. From nearby, the image seems to express those known and unknown, familiar… Abstract things have become more specific, and vice versa. Every day we discover new things and start a journey… He adds: "such a project requires a strong partner, especially in public places. My work is closely related to my travel experience, and since 1991, I have been trying to create a small watercolor works, which is later called "Maps" (Mental). I remember when I took a boat from Hongkong to Shanghai, a lot of places in Pudong were empty.相关的主题文章: