Lotus Island Sculpture Park here are full of tourists and Zen t420s

Lotus Island Sculpture Park: here are full of tourists and Zen map: when cold air comes under windy cloud Lotus Island do not have a picture (Zhoushan forum Wushan netizen photo) map: Lotus Island sunrise. (Zhoushan forum users baosen1 photo) sculpture park in Zhoushan Putuo Donggang Lotus Island, sea, reef, Arhats, plants, the key is free, the National Day holiday, attracting many tourists here. Lotus Island resembles the water lying Guanyin, mallard lying in the lotus ocean, with only a sea of the Mount Putuo. United Nations officials hailed as "Chinese of famous painter Zhu Renmin · Professor Finch" spent more than ten years time, the lotus island into a set of ecological, landscape, sculpture in one of the Zen Art Sculpture Park, from the investment, planning and design to make sculptures are masters of themselves. Yesterday morning at 9 am, the reporter drove to the park has stopped the car, many of which Su E, Su C and Zhejiang province license. A family from Jiangsu, pushing a baby stroller to visit, they walk while taking pictures. In the park at the entrance to the iron gate, made a new stone, there are reminded: "please cherish the tourists on the island of art, vegetation, pebbles, strictly forbid to throw off the pickup, and capture the marine animal waste shell." However, some uncivilized phenomenon still exists. At the Zhu Renmin Museum of art, see dozens of different forms of imitation copper statue of arhat sculptures, people could not help the child to a photo. Beneath the sculpture there is a "no touch climbing" sign. Along the stone road, came to the Hui Ngok square, three or four people are fishing rods, more than one hour, have a small harvest, look at these fishermen behind the stone table side, and threw a cigarette paper. Go to the seaside entrance, the reef, the iron fence stopped, a visitor tried to jump from the side in the past, but also found a row of welding with a sharp pointed iron railing, this was dropped, his mouth saying: "a few days ago to also jump over this and reinforcement." Lohan Causeway 800 meters from the sea, hundreds of granite statue stands in the ocean, and the winds and the waves, and all-weather shuttle people with them. The rocks exposed at low tide, many tourists go from the breakwater gap. Although the island has written a lot of "ban", but not very effective. Park Security Huang said, he stood at the entrance, almost all visitors to verbal reminders.相关的主题文章: