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Nanning qualified for the creation of national global tourism demonstration unit of Guangxi Daily reporter Meng Zhenxing   November 8th, reporters from the Nanning Municipal Tourism Committee learned that the National Tourism Bureau recently released the second batch of national comprehensive tourism demonstration area to create a list of units, Nanning city was selected. The selected not only for the development of the global tourism achievements in Nanning must also put forward higher requirements on the "tourist attractions" to "global travel". The Nanning Municipal Tourism Commission official said that the city will be in accordance with the "city, the scenic landscape is a city, city is a scene, the concept of planning and management of city tourism integration", the construction of the high level of global tourism demonstration area. Jasmine industry in Hengxian is a successful model of "tourism + agriculture". Figure "Hua Xianzi" in the county Jasmine Cultural Festival during the performance art show. Guangxi Daily reporter Meng Zhenxing photo 1  promote WeChat public number industry convergence public Xiao Feng is responsible for the operation of a local tourism enterprises, the various counties of Nanning city to carry out tourism festivals have been quite interested in. Xiao Feng told reporters that this year, Nanning county tourism festivals are the new changes: "the traditional ‘actions’ did not forget, the rich flavor of the times" zixuandongzuo "is more and more interesting." Xiao Feng and thinking of many tourists feel the same: in tenth Mashan County has organized the international cultural tourism festival held for the first time the delicacy, China ASEAN Mountain Marathon has become the "key", with the support of the marathon mountain camping party, singing concert activities such as hi mountain attracts a lot of tourists and realized a good start in the county "Travel + sports"; in August this year, 2016 Chinese (Hengxian) Taobao Jasmine Cultural Festival before the traditional Jasmine Cultural Festival, "Internet plus" for the county of jasmine tourism has injected new vitality; in this year after the National Day held creative cultural tourism festival in Qingxiu District also focus on the main creative culture and urban cultural projects, green · Green Music Festival and other activities attract a large number of young fans". To promote the tourism industry and related industries, cross-border integration and common development, is an important measure in Nanning city from "tourist attractions" to "global travel". According to the Nanning city issued "on promoting the implementation of the views of" integrated development of tourism and related industries, the city will strive to promote the integration of the 10 aspects of tourism and agriculture, gardens, water conservancy, industry, urbanization, information technology, cultural industry, business exhibition, Kang medical and sports depth, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry and lay a solid foundation for deepening global tourism. The fusion of modern fountain show Shanglin cloud village attractions favored by tourists. This picture in addition to the signature, by the Guangxi Daily reporter Meng Zhenxing photo 2  strong characteristics of the brand "for each tour I felt, tourists are often interested in local content, such as customs, architecture, dance, delicacy and so on." Worked for many years in Nanning, a tour guide blue Hui believes that Nanning has a large number of unique content, the key lies in the integration of resources and brand building. As the capital of Nanning Zhuang Autonomous Region, how many is worth mentioning ".相关的主题文章: