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Net about car you dare to sit? He may be fugitives net about the car you dare to sit? More than the "ghost train", the driver may also be fugitives according to the Shenzhen evening news, Shenzhen municipal CPPCC Standing Committee Peng Chen provides a set of data of a group of Shenzhen city in August 15th officially released: the city’s net about car drivers, a total of 2231 people of which 40 were abnormal status, national fugitives, 758 were drug-related criminal records, 1433 as the major criminal convictions personnel, 1479 people driving license abnormal state; in vehicles, 6170 vehicles found abnormal state, of which 664 vehicles to be scrapped. Zheng Chunyu Shenzhen Nanshan District City Committee of the CPPCC Standing Committee, said: "network about cars, only the taxi drops of this platform, a single day amount is about 10000000, a single such a thing, in the taxi industry is possible. Can not because of the emergence of a security incident to the entire network about the car killed." And yesterday, Xinmin Evening News published the "excellent step frequency" ghost car "" a malicious chargeback concern recently appeared in the "Shanghai city yuho and other domestic ghost car" phenomenon. The so-called "ghost train", refers to the driver orders, no contact, no passenger car to pick up passengers, but the trip was soon began to end soon, the passengers were inexplicable deductions; even more unsatisfactory, opening these "ghost car driver’s head, is a horror picture. Users have Tucao: some blame for the audit is too excellent step driver "scrawled", this picture can also through the audit; some believe that "less than a minute trip is obviously not normal, how will the excellent step system allows the driver to frequently charge?" In this regard, China yuho said, after understanding, mentioned in the report "ghost train" is a single brush behavior, and will continue to step through technical means to attack this kind of behavior, and actively collect evidence, to the public security department, the criminals to justice, to ensure the impartiality and fairness of the platform, fully guaranteed the interests of passengers and drivers. Previously, Beijing and Shanghai were the court verdict on the net about car scalping case involved due to fraud, the highest jailed for a year. It is worth remembering that the best step commitment, if you encounter a similar problem, you can directly contact with customer service, resulting in the resulting fare, customer service and technical departments to verify the full refund of the operation as soon as possible. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: