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No acid does not like, enjoy happy fish (at the end of this paper, teach you the secret of monomer) – Sohu and 1 on the brand concept of acid does not like, enjoy happy fish love acid, also love fish when the natural acid source with fresh ingredients, when refreshing taste collocation fresh environment, when integrated in comfortable have great originality, love acid don’t be jealous of Kung Fu pickled fish. Love is not jealous of the brand origin of acid – Kung Fu pickled fish, the fermented old sauerkraut, do not add any vinegar sour acid, natural fresh fat and tender boneless collocation; river turtle, simmering soup, taste ecstasy memorable. Careful selection of materials, so that the acid can not let the people who do not love acid Huan; Kung Fu home, so that people can enjoy the fish love fish. 2 on the 01 floor for food and beverage giant boss: Qingdao for building brand was founded in 1995. For seafood giant, opened in May 1, 2002, the business area of nearly ten thousand square meters, becoming the largest dining Daocheng "carrier class" places for building brand with innovative, delicate and elegant quickly in the industry and the domestic and foreign people who get high quality praise and recognition. Qingdao has become the artists, such as Fan Bingbing, Huang Bo and Huang Xiaoming, will go to dining places Huiqing tanjia. Deep in the high-end catering industry for tens of years, now, for building carrying it years of culinary concept, focused on "love is not jealous of Kung Fu acid pickled fish", a fashionable and elegant dining brand, let more delicious rich Chinese delicacy into thousands of households. When people meet for floor restaurant, five star hotel dining experience, not far away. 02 national Goddess: Ye Yiqian she is on the stage of super girl born star, she is dancing music with sweet spirit, she is the screen before the blossom charm of the goddess, she is beautiful and quiet Tian lady, she is gentle and considerate of her mother’s love Sen butterfly, not jealous of the founder acid. 03 are big coffee: Huang Tao sister of Huang Bo, the famous clothing brand operators, a sister Chizha fashion for many years, for the first time the magnificent cross, when fashion and delicacy will encounter, the collision of the catering sector for attention sparks brilliant. 04 creative kitchen King: Guo Ke Guo, China creative leader in the field of food, food and Beverage Management Center for building the holiday shop manager, the exclusive secret Jiang Rongji formula in 2015 in CCTV "Chinese taste" column to 1 million 800 thousand price was the industry to take. Pass through 05 well-known lawyer: Sheng Yan Sheng Yan, the famous lawyer, like respect for the law, respect for human food; like insight that tastesthe taste, she is the most lawyers will cook the female boss. About 3 dishes I eat, I eat, I am in love; love of a delicacy, probably because the home, because the story, because the enemy. The love of all the food, because of life and life itself. 01 pickled fish 02 fish 03 boiling bubble ginger beauty frog 9相关的主题文章: