Not in the hearts of chicken soup to fill the World Cup dream is not too far away thinkpad s230u

Not in the irrigation Chicken Soup for the soul of the national football World Cup dream really not too far in the foot with Iran source: Taishan evening news Niu Zhiming face Iran team ranked first in Asia, the Orangemen to defend the home court, not to lose. The 100th World Cup, in the blessed Shenyang, the Orangemen grab 12 match first points. If you look at the process, draw some regret, but 0 to 0 of the results are still satisfactory. After the two war Han Yi, the country has a strong understanding of the top 12 games. Satisfied with the results, but does not meet the 1 points, in fact as long as the national football games to play, the world cup is tell some fantastic tales. Compared to the first cautious when facing South Korea, standing in front of the Iran team in this country is clearly more confident. Iran’s strength in China, physical confrontation is a clear advantage. In such a situation, we can see that all of the attitude of the national football team. One can not get down, then grab second times, the constant pressure on the Iran team, which is the national foot strategy, fight opponents. On the scene, the national foot until thirty-fifth minutes before the first shot, but they did not give the opportunity to the people of Iran. Head-on confrontation, Chinese football is not a disadvantage, in the second half, even once suppressed the Persian cavalry. You can see the Iran people began to worry, the offensive threat was more than competitors, but Wu Lei feet and referee mercy, China is likely to win the match. Unfortunately, the country missed the opportunity to defeat the opponent, but the game, the harvest is more or less confident, 1 points for the country is a good start. The game is the most satisfactory 19 year old Zhang Yuning and right back, Zhao Mingjian. The former newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, regardless of who is the opponent, he is the courage to dare to grab, after the Iran coach also bluntly, Zhang Yuning let Iran headache. In Zhang Yuning’s body, we can see that the young players of the spirit, who is not afraid of the spirit, which is to meet the needs of china. In contrast, Zhao Mingjian played a more sophisticated, but the sharp break his indomitable, more reflect a sense of confidence and spirit, is the mix of liberal strength, let him upset Iran’s defence. After the two war in Iraq, the country recognized the gap, but also gain more confidence. Opponents are powerful, but as long as you have the courage to challenge them, it will naturally have a chance. Objectively speaking, the majority of fans satisfied with the results of two 1 points, but not satisfied, because the national foot is indeed a chance to get 3 points or even a score of 4. The next 8 games left, the Orangemen need more spirit, more courage, in a proper strategy situation to fight opponents, the World Cup dream, would not be too far away.相关的主题文章: