NPC Red Cross is not suitable for carrying out human remains and organ donation plustek

NPC members: the Red Cross is not suitable for carrying out human remains and human organ donation in the afternoon of November 1st, the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress in the light of the group considered the draft amendment to the Red Cross law. The Red Cross is not a charity organization? The Red Cross related work should carry out hematopoietic stem cells, body and organ donation? How to continue to improve the supervision of the provisions to promote cross credit?…… For some of the content of the draft amendment is concerned, the NPC Standing Committee members were hot. Clear red cross attribute Dong Zhongyuan members believe that it is necessary to make clear the property of the Red Cross, the Red Cross is a charitable organization of charity law, so as to determine whether the laws need to be connected with the charity law. "The revised draft article twentieth clearly, fund-raising activities shall comply with the relevant provisions of charity law, if the Red Cross as a charitable organization, its activities and management shall comply with the provisions of charity law, not only need to comply with the law of charity fund-raising activities." Dong Zhongyuan said. Zheng Gongcheng members believe that the provisions of article twentieth to twenty-fourth of the Red Cross to carry out charitable activities, and charity law repeatedly, and gaps, is actually a waste of legislative resources, may also cause a conflict between the law. It is suggested that the merger, that is, the Red Cross to carry out humanitarian work can be carried out in accordance with the law in accordance with the purpose of charitable activities, charitable activities should comply with the relevant provisions of the charity law. Body donation work still need to consider the draft amendment to increase the provisions of the Red Cross’s duties: to carry out hematopoietic stem cells, remains and human organ donation related work." Many members pointed out that the Red Cross of this responsibility is not appropriate. "The starting point of this provision is very good, but these are highly professional work, actually is the first task of the hospital, the Red Cross is a social group, no technical force, so how do they participate? If only those words, is not to make provisions in the law?" Feng Changgen members say. I recently took a research group went to Henan, Shandong province two investigation, listened to the provincial, city and county level of the guardian and the Red Cross and the relevant departments of the organization, for this duty listened to the new opinions, they can participate in the work, according to the talk is mainly propaganda and to promote the work, concrete work can not bear their essence." Zhang Mingqi committee members said. Zhang Mingqi said, according to the local practice and the Red Cross method for the purpose of duty of writing should also be considered, the best way is the two work written separately, namely the Red Cross can take hematopoietic stem cell work for organ donation remains and the Red Cross, "participation" in this work. To carry out the work of hematopoietic stem cells, remains and human organ donation, so that the Red Cross to do not particularly suitable. Do not know whether the grassroots organizations and personnel at all levels of the Red Cross, with the development of hematopoietic stem cell donation such medical and scientific qualifications." Yang Wei committee members said. Proposal to expand the scope of information disclosure of more than the Standing Committee members pointed out that the revised draft regulations for the Red Cross in the supervision, still need to be further improved. "The Red Cross in the social supervision, strengthen internal.相关的主题文章: