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Mr Obama claimed near nerd U.S. media: Silicon Valley to its original title: Obama stepped down near the wave claiming to be "nerd" U.S. media: Silicon Valley to wave reference news network October 28th U.S. media reported that this month, in a flight simulator at the University of Pittsburgh, President Obama stared intently at the two screen. The operation of a control device in front of him, start the simulation of propeller. He was pretending to operate his own space shuttle to the international space station. According to the "New York Times" website reported on October 27th, "yuho aircraft," a smiling president at the end of a short but successful docking mission told reporters after, and joked about the next step and the market is in outer space. "If someone calls a plane, we’ll be there in five minutes." Reported that in the past eight years, the president has been Obama’s science and technology playground. In this position, he is trying to become the chief advocate for the implementation of advanced batteries, powerful medical equipment and cutting-edge research industry. "I’m a nerd, and I’m not sorry for that," Obama said after the end of the simulation. Is this something that makes us out of the ordinary, this kind of imagination and assumptions, and then test and understand, modify and create and improve gradually, and then put them apart again." Reported that only three months after the presidential term of less than the case, Obama is leaving the White House to prepare for life. The outgoing life is likely to involve his close relationship with Silicon Valley. Over the past year, the head of Obama’s Presidential Foundation has traveled to California’s tech stronghold about ten times to help him deploy the next steps. "If that is the focus of attention in the field after he retired, I am not surprised," America Online (AOL) co-founder Steve Keyes said. The White House from Obama to the tech giants, many of which are important political donors to Mr Obama, is a way off. Obama’s 2008 campaign designer David Plov is currently working in excellent step, Jay Carney served as Obama’s spokesman in the Amazon office, former Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer in GoFundMe, Obama served as the director of Environmental Protection Bureau Lisa Jackson is now apple executives. Last year, Bill served in the Clinton White House alumni Chris Le Han entry to provide short-term housing rental service Airbnb. Reported that Obama is dreaming of joining the best guess, in recent weeks once again hot. The president used the flight simulator in Pittsburgh’s move, become the White House a series of recent highlights American technology activities to a climax. This month, in just a week’s time, Obama on the CNN to promote new space, the author said the government and industry should work together to carry out a manned mission to Mars before 2030. He served as a guest editor for the first issue of the Journal of connectivity to inspire Silicon Valley to address inequality and civic engagement. In addition, he also and the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh jointly hosted the white house before Jun相关的主题文章: