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Observation: Hot wheeled active stock poised a breakthrough soon flourishing source: wealth Thursday stock index opened slightly lower, all day long will maintain a narrow concussion, the amplitude is less than 0.5%. The same trend of the gem, but slightly stronger than the motherboard, the subject shares activity in general. As of press time, the stock index rose 0.13%, Shenzhen Component Index closed at 3095 points, up 0.12%, to close at 10851 points, up 0.52% gem, at 2223 points. From the disk, the Hangzhou Asian Games, oil upgrading, mining services, building materials and other plate gainers, hotels, restaurants, optical electronics, new materials and other plate decreases. Shanghai shares through the net inflow of 1 billion 264 million. As of the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed out 5 consecutive positive quotes, below the average system Guaitou Suibu, short-term upward trend is good. At the same time, the gem index is also the 3 consecutive day stand firm at the end of the 2200 point mark, highlighting the success of the effective breakthrough of the 2200 integer mark up strength. Obviously, if analyzed from a purely technical point of view, the further rise in the stock market outlook continues to rise is a high probability event. Short term pressure on the gem will look up to the top of the line, the Shanghai Composite Index pressure will look high to the front line. Disk, the market hot wheels move faster, yesterday put the glorious PPP concept stocks, today collective callback. But the broadband speed concept but also in today’s hot flowering A new force suddenly rises. relay. The reason, on the one hand, there are many short-term stocks PPP profit margins, rushed down is not strange. At the same time, broadband speed rise again, but also because of the latest news: from 2016 Beijing CBD Business Festival was informed that by 2020, CBD area is expected to take the lead in the trial of 5G mobile communications, the peak rate is equivalent to 4G times. In addition, China Mobile also said that in 2020 commercial 5G network. We believe that this hot today just rise, short-term or have some continuity, as long as the current market hot topics to remain active, Suibu market continued rising trend is expected to continue the rhythm. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and next week will usher in the "Sino Russian military exercises", so if the starting from the short-term distribution point of view, should be the first choice of military aerospace targets, the proposed active interest of investors, before buying stocks, after the number of money is expected to come true. We will also continue to focus on the defense industry in the latter part of the investment opportunities, it is recommended that the overall position control at about 5.相关的主题文章: