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Over 4 years 200 million! Barcelona Jersey chest advertising to break the world record! – Sohu sports finally! Dust settled! Not before have various "folk official propaganda" of the Alibaba, but from the Japanese business lotte!!! Barcelona president and President for Beijing Lotte Jersey No. 16 time 21 points, Barcelona held a press conference, announced a partnership with Japanese companies Lotte, Lotte will become the new shirt sponsor barcelona. The new contract will start next season (1718 season), the contract signed to 2021. Lotte and Barcelona contract, a total of four years, the annual basic sponsorship fee is 55 million euros, won the League Championship in the Champions League will increase 1 million 500 thousand, increased by 5 million. Count Nike, Beko, Barcelona annual sponsorship fee will reach 150 million euros on the jersey. Note: the above figure comes from the foreign media, one of the mistakes: Barcelona and Intel cooperation began in the 201314 season, as of the end of the season before 1516 (1314 and 1415). There is no Intel in Barcelona’s latest sponsorship. At present, the wealthy chest advertising: record breaking 4 years over two hundred million euros! Barcelona have enough energy for MSN! Barcelona are also more than Manchester United and Chelsea, once again the highest record of sponsorship fee to become the world’s highest chest advertising sponsorship team. Prior to this, Qatar Airlines signed a one-year contract with Barcelona total value of about 33 million euros. (left two lines of tears touch nouveau riche friend ALI) a few days ago has been rumored, this afternoon also said publicly that this is "rumor" friend, afterwards also passed under the will is HUAWEI? After all, Messi is HUAWEI’s global spokesperson. Alibaba, Amazon and Lotte entered into the final list of candidates Barcelona main sponsor, eventually won the Japan business Lotte Barcelona shirt sponsorship. Lotte is Japan’s largest online shopping website, the user up to 50 million words around many of my friends have a lot of Barcelona Jersey and armbands in Lotte Amoy, the really early for the team, many of my friends are waiting for the Lotte Logo will appear in the form of how to Barcelona Jersey chest advertising?? Or is it? Look at the R Jersey chest advertising well before Lotte sponsor the team can be very glorious in Barcelona chest!! Finally, the most dramatic is that between Barcelona and Lotte matchmaking, Barcelona was the main defender, "the future of the club chairman Peake!! At a news conference, Barcelona President Ba Tomei U said: "the 2015 Peake organization in Lotte CEO Miki Tanihiroshi in San Francisco, home to have dinner together, then we begin to consider the possibility as a global sponsor." That’s killing me!!!!! Visit Japan Lotte headquarters Peake Peake Zhennai life last summer, N rich family, days after the injection相关的主题文章: