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Panjiayuan merchants who Wenwan the passions "buy new" sometimes there is no stopping a sense, antique is not renewable resource collection, the stock is so little, it is from your hand into my hand, if another accidentally fell one or two, it really is not a small one a. After the antique era of big transactions, the real old things are rare, so many antique merchants also sell modern crafts, of course, there are many contemporary products, continue to earn food to eat. There is no exception in Panjiayuan manages the antique shop for more than ten years old, her antique shop the new old things are required for the sale, according to customer. Antique business sale is actually very simple, you get one thing over, the real line 10 meters away could see you that right, after all, is to see antique vision and experience, the same, the guests into the shop with which one asked which one will know what level of guest is a basic the demand of the. This day the store came to a middle-aged couple, a famous brand, looking at it is more cultural look. One room, two people on a new jar, Yuan blue and white style, he also is fine, is a good old clock thought Jingdezhen process, the couple may want to buy some crafts put home good-looking, so he very enthusiastically asked guests to provide shopping needs some help, the results of the lady coldly the clock back to the sentence: "you do not speak, we are experts, really understand the antiques, you just shut up." To his face by such a sentence, the old clock thought, I am not myself for the sins of well, well, don’t let me speak I don’t speak on the line. The old clock net see two people in the shop to see this on it, finally bought the door just a jar to get started, let me talk to the clock and thought I don’t tell people that is a new jar, anyway, I know it, chances are that picked up a big leak go home to steal music. The different cultural relics of the Imperial Palace had a difficult situation to repair the recently popular network said in the documentary, the Imperial Palace relics, many cultural relics in their life will only be built once, but there are a lot of he did not have a chance to repair. Human life is limited, but can be retained in the ancient antique, antique attracts people, the most important thing is love, behind a thing there are countless stories from the series of ancient and modern traditional code of conduct. This, in line of more antique clock. The old clock antique store opened in Panjiayuan for more than ten years, something to sell many, had dealings with the guests can not count, but a few years or ten years, there is always a little surprise, this is also the reason may have been reluctant to leave for the antique clock. There was a more than and 30 year old middle-aged lady found clock shop, said her mother more than ten years ago had bought something here, this is the old mother asked deliberately came back to look at Panjiayuan, look at the clock antique store. The middle-aged lady did not think of the old clock shop actually still did not think there was a lapse of many years old buyers think about their old shop, although the old mother bought something that is already unable to clock from the memory of the search, but this friendship is enough to warm for a long time. )相关的主题文章: