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Putin shouted: American voters elected Trump allies to avoid nuclear war – Sohu Military Channel text with map: an interview with Zhirinovsky. Observer network: the Russian liberal democratic party chairman, vice chairman of the State Duma Vladimir warned the United States voters? Zhirinovsky recently accepted an interview with the Reuters, Trump means peace, Hilary means nuclear war. In October 12th, the Reuters of Zhirinovsky’s website published an interview article. Zhirinovsky said that the relationship between Russia and the United States have come to the brink of war, Trump was the only person to be able to ease tensions. Reuters described Zhirinovsky as the Russian version of the Trump, the report also cited a lot of similarities between the two. It is worth mentioning that Hilary was in June of this year’s election campaign in the criticism of Trump’s foreign policy "extremely illogical," said Trump, "not suitable for nuclear weapons master password", because if he was elected president of the United States, just because "not happy" is likely to launch a nuclear war. Observer network compile reports are as follows: the Reuters reported that according to Russian ultra nationalist politicians, Putin ally, Zhirinovsky said, Americans should vote for Trump in next month’s presidential election, otherwise it will face the risk of being dragged into the war. Vladimir? Zhirinovsky is a noted for hyperbole Russian senior members, he said to the Reuters, Trump is the only one to cool tensions between Russia and the United States people. On the contrary, if Hilary is elected, the third world war will break out. Zhirinovsky led the Russian liberal democratic party to become the third largest party in the parliamentary elections last month. Zhirinovsky himself was awarded the National Medal of russia. Reported that Zhirinovsky was regarded as one of many Russians rely on hyperbole to attract public attention the political clown, but he is also regarded as a loyal defender of Moscow Kremlin, often throw some radical ideas to test public reaction. Zhirinovsky in an interview in the State Duma office said, "in addition to that war, relations between Russia and the United States have been unable to get any worse." He went on to say, "Americans should vote for Trump in November 8th when they want to vote for peace on earth. If they voted for Hilary, the war would be short, because the whole world would be Hiroshima and Nagasaki." Zhirinovsky’s remarks is the background, the issue of Syria and Ukraine between Russia and the United States because there has been a huge differences, at the same time the White House recently has accused Russia by hacking influence democratic election. Despite WikiLeaks’s new public announcement of Hilary on Wednesday, Mr Putin insisted that Russia was involved in or affected the presidential election. "The Russian version of Trump" Nuofusi day love attack of liberal views, he and other nationalist politicians in western countries often described as corrupt and hypocritical, fading. His combative style is reminiscent of Trump, a style that allows him to get a lot of exposure on television"相关的主题文章: