Quanzhou man carrying 10 bottles of sorghum wine cited attention a check was actually online. jodie foster

Quanzhou man carrying 10 bottles of sorghum wine cited attention was actually online fugitives out morning news (reporter Bai Binbin correspondent Zhang Lifang Peng Sizhong) the day before yesterday, Quanzhou police station seized on suspicion of dangerous driving case by the public security organs online wanted fugitive suspects chen. Which Chen suspects on the identity, he was carrying 10 bottles of sorghum wine. The day before yesterday afternoon, Quanzhou police station police officer Wang at the station on duty, screeners asked him a deal to bring in 10 bottles of liquor is not high with the security man. It turned out that the man carried 10 bottles of unopened liquor of more than 50 degrees. Man accidentally smashed a bottle of wine in the security, the strong smell of alcohol caused the attention of screeners. "I give it is back, can you please." See Wang police officer, the man excitedly asked him to help. Wang police suggested its consignment, at the same time, asked the man to produce identity cards. The results, get the identity card, police officer Wang check, the man turned out to be online. After understanding, Quanzhou Chen, usually love to drink. A drunken driving on the road racing, the traffic police informed Chen Chen did not accept the deal. Repeatedly to contact the police immediately to Chen Chen failed, online pursuit. Currently, the case is still under review. S6B02043 (Haixi morning news (micro-blog))相关的主题文章: