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Reporters combed coin collection market status: small coins from the universe natural shells, scattered metal blocks, to coins, banknotes, our long history gave birth to the rich and colorful cultural currency. The passage of time, countless money real but remains down, the sorts and shapes of the complex, large quantity and wide distribution, is very rare in the world currency history, for the people loving collection provides excellent resources in recent years, popular modern old coins, coins and coin collectors growing mechanism increased collection value rise directly to a high position. Once a year in autumn auction will be opened on the occasion, the reporter combing the market situation of the coin collection and notice to readers. How to use the coin collection compared to porcelain, calligraphy and painting, jewelry, coins of the lower threshold, a large number of two is no shortage of cheap money, three money market circulation function based on how many ordinary people will understand some relevant knowledge. Therefore, a lot of entry-level coin collectors preferred. From the Shang Dynasty to the Warring States period of the copper shell, knife, cloth, circular coin with a square hole in Qin Dynasty to late Qing Dynasty and the period of the Republic of China, mechanism of currency, ancient and modern coins constitute the most in different poses and with different expressions for the huge collection of categories in the coin collection field, has attracted numerous hobbies, collection and research. Since the 90s of last century, the market price of these coins all the way up, or amazing. For new collectors, what should buy what is probably the first problem. A coin worth many, whether the appreciation of the future, is affected by many factors. First of all, although the value of ancient coins and the history of the relevant, but not the older the better, the key depends on its historical status. For example, modern silver market price is higher than the number of ancient coins thousands of years ago. Secondly, the degree of rarity determines the value of ancient coins. Generally speaking, the amount of surviving less money type more valuable, allegedly, "money king" called "Mukden guimao one or two" around the world only a. The short-lived Dynasty peasant uprising or the mint, because the circulation time is short, the issue is less, but also rare treasures. Third, the different materials of money prices also have an important impact, gold and silver, copper and iron is China’s history of several commonly used metal coins, gold and silver coins in general, because the dual attributes of both precious and cultural relics, some being more precious. In addition, different from the past of the circle of heavy varieties of taste, light goods now, with the increasing appreciation and enhance the strength of the number of collectors, especially the rise of the rating agencies, coins of the "appearance" also attracted more and more attention. If the auction results combing stamps and coins in recent years, people will find that those who favored, or even create a price of coins have a near perfect, or at least the superior goods. Therefore, if the collection of coins is not only to meet the hobby or research, but also expect their collections have a greater appreciation of space, then, we must not ignore the quality of this factor. The breakdown of the value of currency King many easy entry does not represent all coins are "cheap", if simply to the value of the coin is calculated on the basis, so many coins now prices have risen.相关的主题文章: