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The robot and the fear of unemployment caused by AI, MIT: new technology depends on human science and technology Sohu [Technews science news] MIT Technology Review (MIT Technology Review) from the science and technology development history, to the nature of science and technology, as well as coping depth analysis of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) impact, tell us with the evolution of the times, the development of new technology has never stopped, is inevitable, but the degree of quality and impact on human beings, is still in control in the government, enterprises and consumers, emphasizing the importance of decision-making, especially in the economic growth era of stagnation, the pursuit of productivity but also need to be included in the consideration of equality. The author David Rotman pointed out that the Columbia University creative machine Laboratory (Creative Machines Lab) founder Hod Lipson is the world’s top AI and robotics expert, he presided over the largest laboratory purpose in promoting the feasibility of human life machines, but he also began to worry about the rapid development of automation and digital technology, many people live to work instead of thus, for another group of people to create wealth, and enhance social inequality. Deep learning machine to create artificial intelligence, 3D printing also changed the industrial production process, the past is generally believed that although science and technology will destroy many industries, creating many new and better work, but Lipson bluntly, "it now appears that technology makes many industries disappear also did create a better job, but not much good work." Although the gap between the rich and the poor, the problem of wage stagnation is not necessarily related to science and technology, but technology is part of the reasons for the disappearance of the middle class. Economists generally believe that many people do not have the relevant training of advanced science and technology at the same time, software and digital technology to replace many instruments such as accounting, daily work, forcing these people to do more low paying jobs, or directly from the workplace. 2007-2009 years after the financial crisis makes many middle-class white-collar jobs disappear faster, many business and administrative work, and assembly workers and machine operation blue collar jobs, accounting for all the work of the total 50% of the United States, and at the age of 20 generations have the greatest impact, a lot of people in this age group simply did not find a job. However, the larger tsunami is still behind, Martin Ford new book pointed out that driverless cars and 3D printing and other new technologies, is about to bring a future of unemployment. Some people support the basic policy to protect people’s income, one of the most basic living conditions, some people think we should start from the tax, wealthy people pay more taxes to help low wage workers, which is to strengthen the social safety net means. But these policies on new technologies due to the rapid development of unemployment by technology center It doesn’t help the situation., excluded people, is not only a waste of many ambitious and talented personnel, will create huge social and financial burden, the middle class income basic policy for these high risk occupation, or in the absence of a well paid job the loss of the financial support of people)相关的主题文章: