Russian astronauts prepare for landing on the moon (video) super bass

Russian astronaut simulation for landing on the moon to prepare the 50 anniversary of the moon landing on the moon 9 Russian official Promo 2030 Russia plans to sending astronauts to the moon’s surface, and build a permanent base on the moon, at present, the Russian Federation Aerospace Bureau began a series of the simulation experiments, to lay the foundation for landing on the moon. Tencent, according to the British Daily Mail reported that Russia’s plan to land on the moon has gradually matured, at present, the Russian Federation Space Agency began a series of experiments to simulate the astronauts landing on the moon. This is the Russian Federation aerospace bureau plans to send 12 astronauts in 2030 to establish a permanent base on the moon to work, they use a unique platform to simulate lunar gravity, the simulation platform is the Russian energy company on 70s at the beginning of the century building. The simulation test will determine the astronauts walk on the moon and the lunar rover left the difficulty of Russia’s deputy director of energy research firm Alexander – Polly Tarasyuk (Alexander Polishchuk) said: "we do these experiments is to observe whether the flow line of work according to the moon, the moon base construction can provide valuable advice. After all, the moon is not a place for people to walk in space suits. They need special vehicles or vehicles." The new model will help build a permanent base for astronauts, on the surface of the moon in Russia at present, Russia hopes to launch a lunar probe in 2024, search for future reconnaissance base construction, in 2030 after landing a man on the moon. Alexander, Russia’s energy company, (Alexander), said: "the goal of this study is to understand the living conditions of human beings on the moon base, as well as the assessment of human potential, Kaleri." Clear assessment of overall situation, experts will begin to consider the logistics and streamline design, then design a permanent lunar base, Rover, runway facilities, and other important aspects of the space mission. The future lunar base will be used for research and exploration of valuable minerals, but some people have a certain military use. The original lunar base will be equipped with no more than 4 people, which will then increase to 10-12, and the base’s energy will be available at the sub surface energy station near the moon’s poles. At the same time, a radioactive dust shelter will be built under the surface of the moon to help human astronauts from radioactive material and any nuclear attack. Overall, Russia plans to launch future 6 "Angara rocket completed the" moon mission, each launch Angara rocket, will launch a space surface module to the new moon, one by one to build a lunar base, similar to a method similar to the international space station construction. It is estimated that it will take more than ten years to assemble the lunar base, the Russian energy company official said that Russia’s first manned lunar flight may be achieved in 2029. (long compile)相关的主题文章: