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Sedentary Alzheimer’s disease? These tips will learn OL lead: must have heard about the dangers of sitting, Barbara sister also understand your heart think it’s no big deal, is not a big ass ~ hum, not only not so simple and the consequences will be grievous! (source: bazaar) this is not a game, again, this is not a joke. Ask you to fear. Also leisurely sitting? Do you think it’s okay? Then we look at this ~ Ba sister told you a few simple disease cause and harm. Lumbar intervertebral disc injury: people in the seats, if to maintain the correct posture, lumbar intradiscal pressure is 6 times of the supine position. If the bad posture, the pressure will soar to 11 times in the supine position. Long time sitting work make the back muscles in extreme stretch, extremely easy to cause lumbar muscle strain, lumbar stability failure, caused by lumbar disc herniation. Diabetes: sedentary lifestyle can lead to increased risk of type 2 diabetes 112%. The researchers believe that, due to lack of sedentary exercise, the body will appear abnormal distribution of gravity adipose tissue, leading to the central obesity, resulting in abnormal metabolism, induced diabetes. Alzheimer’s disease: muscle activity helps pump fresh blood to the brain, boosting the brain to release chemicals that enhance the brain and improve mood. Studies have found that sedentary is an important factor in increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Office exercise tips’ sister, but every day is very busy at work, no time to stand up to do sports. Okay, Barbara sister teach you the office of the small motion. Tips1: alternate legs. Back straight, legs alternately straighten your chest. Tips2: leg scissors. Stand back, legs straight, alternately up and down swing posture tips3: bicycle. Stand back, moving like riding a bicycle. Tips4: leg stretch. Back straight, hook toes, legs straight, hands pressed thighs. These little sports do not have to stand up, sitting can help you solve the discomfort. Is it possible to try to adjust their own state ah ~相关的主题文章: