Shanghai Securities across the middle-income trap is expected to resolve the high difference between hyuna

Shanghai Securities: across the middle income trap is expected to resolve the internal and external assets in real property bubble if the high level difference at the same time, to keep the exchange rate stable, the premise is certainly no longer the property market bubble growth, is expected to "high potential successfully resolve the asset value of inside and outside". One way to do this is to successfully cross the middle-income trap, the rapid growth of income, wealth accumulation. Hu Yuexiao for the bubble, thanks to the previous experience and a lot of research, has been exploring a lot of rules, no matter which occurs in the economic field, have more in-depth understanding. Although it can not be prevented, but at least can be found in the early signs, thus giving warning and countermeasures, no longer only know the bubble after the break". For the moment, Chinese property, rate ratio, rental ratio micro index real income in terms of asset return, or macro and meso level industrial comparative indicators, such as the rate of industrialization and city rate comparison, the population agglomeration process of evolution, are pointing in one direction: the serious "bubble". China’s real estate industry continued to grow substantially exceeded the industrial growth, the overall economic growth, and apparently hurt the industry. Today, in the Chinese first-tier cities and some second tier coastal big city, high rental ratio, high price earnings exceeded the international warning line is already, so the public generally believe that this kind of index is not applicable in China. So many people also find support high prices China reasons, these reasons at least so far are not falsifiable. In general, said China are the property market bubble, there is no objection; Chinese said the property market there is a huge bubble, most people agree that the property market bubble will burst; China, most people are skeptical, even a lot of people think that Chinese property bubble will continue to expand, but also far from the breaking point. In fact, China’s property market bubble is not only recognized as early as the market – although the extent of the bubble and the evolution of the prospects are different, the policy has already had to deal with. As early as April 2010, aimed at reducing the property market bubble Double Limit Policy (purchase limit credit) has been introduced. Double limit market regulation policy has been relaxed in the implementation after 4 years, it is normal phenomenon. The administrative control is not a long road, which is a "bubble" in the market after 4 years of control is not calm down? It is a high inventory pressure market. However, after the loosening of the local prices are rising even more fierce. Expansion of the property market bubble, so that the administrative regulation measures had to restart, and therefore caused a lot of housing in the whole society and the strange phenomenon". China’s property bubble in this round of re expansion of novelty, not on the basis of the high prices in the accelerated rise, but the environment is more negative than ever before the expansion of the bubble. It should be said that the current property market bubble factors support further expansion of less than before, and the constraint factors of housing prices appear constantly and continuously after 2015, China monetary growth continued to decline in the basis step; in August of last year after the reform, the market formed a relatively strong devaluation of the renminbi is expected to continue, more than ten the RMB appreciation is expected to be completely reversed, capital flows (inflows China) unilateral situation no longer; economic growth continues in the "bottom", the market expected economic growth will be long)相关的主题文章: