Shaoxing, a wonderful woman hit the car to burn a raincoat in public yvette yates

Shaoxing, a wonderful woman hit the car in the public car but also to burn a raincoat non motor vehicle comprehensive remediation actions continue to carry out the city in Shaoxing. 20 at 10:15 in the morning, a woman wearing a champagne dress, wearing glasses because of the reverse traffic was stopped by the traffic police, after her behavior so that reporters stunned. Please wait for the driver, you are now driving, according to the provisions of a fine of 50 yuan." Guo said politely. "No money!" The woman refused. "In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, we will buckle the car, you can carry identity cards and penalties to our service hall car." "I have to buckle together!" The face of police punishment, women began to play unreasonable, although Guo police officers have been in explaining the illegal reason, the woman didn’t listen then, a police car battery lock will bring the woman locked, which know this woman did not realize the wrong, trying to ride the car battery lock leave. The scene of the traffic police to remind her that it is the car broke, but she did not appreciate, feeling more and more agitated, simply directly to the car battery to the car parts, one side of the mouth is also open, smashed cars side. The woman took the tools for cars. Halfway down the car fell out of the raincoat, the woman also took out a lighter ready to burn a raincoat, fortunately, Guo police stopped in time. In order to prevent accidents, the police call 110, when the police station came to the scene, the woman had the car hit a pass, even the battery have been dug out, and then she left his car battery off. "Non motor reverse driving if the accident, without illegal traffic regulations in motor vehicles, non motor vehicle itself is responsible or full responsibility, so it is a fine of 50 yuan on the reverse driving non motor vehicle standard punishment, the non motor vehicle can improve the main hope to abide by the law consciousness." Guo police officer explained that if people do not want to bother to cross the road, you can get off the implementation of the reverse forward, until the forward lane and then ride up.相关的主题文章: