Shenyang beauty company using Liu Yan pictures infringement Panpei 6000 yuan (video) sugus

Shenyang beauty company using Liu Yan pictures infringement Panpei 6000 yuan Angela Baby a beauty institutions reputation infringement prosecution in Shenyang a beauty company website and micro signal, the well-known actress Liu Yan photos as illustrations appearing in the "open eye star", "new cosmetic standard" in this article. Liu Yan in portrait and reputation on the grounds, will the beauty company to court, seeking compensation for economic losses and mental solatium 30 yuan, and asked the newspaper to apologize. Court of first instance found that the beauty of the company reported the behavior of plastic Liu Yan reported for-profit purposes, and it is easy to make a mistake that Liu Yan had plastic surgery, violated the portrait and reputation of the right of the first instance of 6000 yuan to compensate for the loss of $. Beauty company website and WeChat hair Liu Yan photos have presided over the "music billboard" and Liaoning TV Spring Festival Gala in 2013 and other variety show, starred in the "painting wall", "pancake man" and other works of film and television (). In October 2014, Liu Yan learned that Shenyang Jinhuanghou Beauty Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinhuanghou) in the website without the likeness for commercial publicity cosmetic items, "at the same time with Jinhuanghou service hotline, online consulting, WeChat two-dimensional code and other cosmetic items of commercial advertising links. In March 2016, the micro signal Shenyang Jinhuanghou cosmetic "also uses Liu Yan portrait used to push articles with commercial propaganda. Liu Yan believes that Jinhuanghou without permission to use your image for commercial advertising, alleged violations of his own portrait; at the same time he suffered a lot of misunderstanding, their alleged violations of the right of reputation. The defendant failed to provide proof of the plaintiff agreed to reprint notarized website titled "don’t have that comparison chart tells you which star opened eyes", "2013 new cosmetic standards: Zhen Huan Yun Eunhea Xun Zhou Hsu Chi chin eye nose mouth" in Liu Yan two photos were used as illustrations, the website stated Jinhuanghou contact and all kinds of plastic surgery project publicity, the website information display organizer Jinhuanghou for the website of the Ministry; Jinhuanghou WeChat public number within the page where the title "< > Liu Yan Marshal cheongsam beauty cry from the red net practice into a goddess" article used seven photos of Liu Yan as an illustration, the two-dimensional code column at the public number stated Jinhuanghou contact with all kinds of cosmetic and promotional items. The court found that the case involved are reproduced, Jinhuanghou fails to submit the relevant evidence to prove that the reproduced through consent, nor any evidence to prove that the content is reproduced had not submitted the audit. The plaintiff claims 300 thousand yuan of economic losses, the spirit of solatium 50 thousand yuan to Liu Yan Jinhuanghou court that the defendant’s alleged acts of portrait right, reputation right and infringement of the plaintiff, the plaintiff is extremely disrespectful act of the defendant returned to the plaintiff caused certain economic loss and mental damage. Request the court to order the defendant in the newspaper issued by the national public apology to the plaintiff, for layout area of not less than 6 cm to 9 cm (× name card size); the defendant to the plaintiff compensation for economic loss of 300 thousand yuan, the spirit of solatium 50 thousand yuan etc.. Jinhuanghou argued that many portraits "no plaintiff as the company cosmetic project business publicity, and denied WeChat.相关的主题文章: