Shenzhen 37 year old man in love with a girl of the age of money from the altercation to kill him (v zuczug

Shenzhen 37 year old man fell in love with a young girl because of money from his wife Li Yakun will be killed in Nandu this year in April 20th, only a girl aged 18 died in a rented house on the streets of Shenzhen. The 37 year old suspect Li Mouji today (November 10th) trial in Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court, Li Mouji from 2014 continue to pursue Zengmou, the day of the incident, because the girl ask for 4000 yuan of money, two people from a quarrel, he murdered in hatred. Lee suspects, aged 37, Henan nationality, before the incident in an industrial zone in Buji restaurant. Li Mouji confessed that around November 2014, Zengmou and she met while working in a hotel, then began to pursue zengmou. However, since the two people are not working in the same place, the two met less. Before the incident, the girl working in Bantian, Li Mouji is working in Buji. According to Li Mouji’s confession, as before the incident two people met only seven or eight times, and never had sex. Daily two people through the network. The prosecution presented two people chat records show that in court, Lee Mouji enthusiastic pursuit of the girl, but the girl is more lukewarm attitude, but often for various reasons to ask for money, red. The afternoon of April 20th, Li Mouji to Bantian girl rental rental. Two people first to the market to buy food, cook returned to the rental, after the meal, Li Mouji in bed. The girls are playing mobile phone on the sofa. The incident at 21 pm. According to Li Mouji’s confession, the girl said the sisters children full moon feast, she will go home, ask for 4000 yuan to the time, because not enough money, the girl was ordered to leave the room. "It was raining hard, and she was driving me away." Li Mouji said, plus the night to drink some wine, in anger, the girl down on the bed, first grabbed his neck, and then the girl’s bag bag chain reined in the girl’s neck, see the girl lost reaction. He also got a stick from the kitchen, on the girl’s neck, then use the knife cut the girl neck two knife. After the incident, Lee Mouji fled the scene, returned to work in the dormitory, a bath to drink to sleep. The next day, the girl was found dead by her friend. Forensic identification of girls with asphyxia and neck arteriovenous injury hemorrhagic shock death. In May 2nd, the suspects were arrested. In court yesterday, Li Mouji admitted that the prosecution allegations of intentional homicide, he pleaded guilty, more said it wanted to comfort the dead the spirit of the deceased. Stringing people: Chen rebellion prize: $100 [] related men’s pursuit of female neighbor kuangkan failed its dozens of knives相关的主题文章: