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Sichuan Panzhihua torrential rain killed 7 people and 9 people lost contact – Beijing new network in Panzhihua in September 20, (Wang Zhe Zhang Lang He Shaoqing) 20 am Panzhihua’s official foreign informed that, as of late September 19th 22, heavy rainfall in Panzhihua has caused 7 deaths (3 male and 4 female), 9 people lost contact, 11 people were injured (4 seriously injured). In September 17th 20 to 19, 15, Sichuan, Panzhihua appeared heavy rainfall, local torrential rain, the cumulative rainfall of 20 stations over 100 mm, 5 mm above the station 200, maximum rainfall of 309.1 mm. Help kindergarten children transfer. Panzhihua propaganda department for map affected by heavy rainfall, Panzhihua counties (districts) large area landslides, landslides, landslides, flash floods and other natural disasters, some local highway tunnel collapse, blocking the road, the houses destroyed, causing casualties and lost. Among them, Renhe District Town, Renhe Town, Wu Ben Xiang and Eastern Bank town and other more serious disaster. According to preliminary statistics, as of September 19th at 22 PM, has caused the death of 7 people (3 men and 4 women), the loss of 9 people, the injured were injured (seriously injured, 4 people). Of which: 4 people died (Renhe District Town Village ural Silver Factory Jing group of houses were buried, 2 people to death) death (back to the village Belle plain town clam group of villagers Huang Xiuying washed out of death, three winding village salad group of villagers Qi Guifen due to the collapse of the wall was dead) 1 people dead, Wu Ben Xiang (Yakou village pass the group of villagers Li Xuefen due to death; four) retaining wall collapse smashed agency Eastern Bank town of Panzhihua village lost 3 people, 6 people in Renhe district town lost. Help the affected people to transfer. Panzhihua propaganda department for the map as at 19 am, the provincial trunk G108, S214, S216, S310 line multiple dangerous situations. According to incomplete statistics, has caused landslides along the highway 86, off road 10, of which 4 are reopened, 3 two-way traffic 3, half did not rush through the field to the ground (G5 high speed tunnel blocked by debris, trapped people have been rescued, the vehicle still trapped, traffic disruption; the ground in the town of 108 National Road blocked by debris, traffic disruption); 12 road bridge culvert blocked, damaged 1, waveform fence damaged 50m, retaining wall damaged 1, roadbed damaged 2, road subsidence 1. After the disaster, Panzhihua city level two according to the provisions of immediately launched three disaster emergency response, dragnet investigation of Panzhihua 265 geological disaster point, and strengthen monitoring. In addition, Panzhihua city leaders also led to the disaster scene to inspect and guide disaster relief work. (end)相关的主题文章: