Site two man 30 sets Zhuzhou County battery theft jailed winpm

Site two man 30 sets Zhuzhou County battery theft jailed in September 18th, Zhuzhou County in Hunan province people’s Court of County People’s Procuratorate of the defendant Zhang, Wang suspicion of theft case verdict, sentenced the defendant Zhang guilty of theft, sentenced to one year and six months, and fined five thousand yuan yuan; sentenced the defendant Wang guilty of theft, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 1 years and fined five thousand yuan. Defendant Zhang from 1990 to 2013, the five time because of theft and criminal penalties. After his release in 2014, Zhang still no proficiency in a particular line among the chess room and cafe, at the table knew the unemployed wang. The two hit it off, Zhang again, with Wang to learn the craft". After investigation, the defendant Zhang and Wang during the period from March 2016 to May, in Zhuzhou County, Zhuzhou city park at the site to steal an unmanned excavator battery, a total of more than thirty, worth more than ten thousand yuan. In late May 8th 9 when Xu, the defendant Zhang, Wang driving the car sneaked into a mixing station site, taken with a wrench, pliers stitches, steal the 4 battery, was arrested by the police to leave.相关的主题文章: