Standing on the top of the electric car industry, Yadi dare to sell high price emboldened to Sohu of tianbi

Standing on the top of the electric car industry, Yadi dare to sell "high price" emboldened to Sohu Technology Wen Li East (micro signal: lidonglou) on Friday, Yadi group held a press conference in Beijing, officially announced the global sale of Yadi electric Z3. And announced the final pricing, overseas retail price of $3388, China’s retail price of 8588 yuan. This is obviously a very shocking price, to know the current domestic electric vehicle generally priced at around two thousand or three thousand yuan, while the smart electric vehicles in recent years all new electric vehicle manufacturers will also launch price control in 5000 yuan, and this one will be directly Yadi electric car price increased to 8588 yuan this the height, people can not help but wonder, a smart electric car sold 8858 yuan high, Yadi in the end what? In fact, if you attend the conference, and after careful understanding of the performance of the intelligent configuration, Yadi Z3 function and ancillary services, is likely to feel that such a price worth Yadi Z3. According to the East scene perception and experience, at least four reasons to support Yadi Z3 sell the "high price": first, the performance is the top Z3 Yadi industry configuration, the selling price is not accidental. We know that in the core of electric power fittings, Yadi Z3 with the same level of 18650 Tesla Matsushita power point core lithium batteries, not only easy to remove, but also support 2 hours fast. The most important thing is that the maximum endurance capacity of up to 120 km, and can provide instantaneous acceleration of power protection, which ensures a full power. According to the understanding of the global scope only three companies using the battery, which includes yadi. In addition, the lithium battery is more durable, life up to 5 years, which far exceeds the ordinary electric car two or three years of life, and also can ensure the normal running of electric vehicle in high temperature of 10 degree centigrade and 55 degrees, and this alone can out of the domestic seckill electric products. Secondly, Yadi Z3 uses a military grade explosion-proof tyre, self repair technology and in military technology, which makes the tire is no longer afraid of bar, which is another pain point users often tie electric car tire. Moreover, Yadi Z3 also uses a racing inverted front shock and vibration by lengthening, tolerance test 4 million times, this allows the user to ride safely in the complex road potholes in the road, the road section, and this is obviously a thoughtful design. Obviously, Yadi Z3 in product design, the actual needs of users everywhere, and enhance the user experience in aspects of generous investment, and product positioning in the manufacture of more high-end electric vehicles, and the di parts, materials and technology, industry belong to the top, so this is much higher than the industry price 8858 yuan the ordinary electric car price is not surprising. Second, Yadi Z3 intelligent degree is the industry leader, which makes it more confidence. Generally speaking, the traditional companies is a weakness in terms of intelligence, but this is precisely the emerging Internet companies in march.相关的主题文章: