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Star Wars Princess exposes 19 secret love Ford man in marriage derailed 40 years ago, Ford and Fisher "Star Wars" stills Fisher autobiography "the Princess Diaries", published before the two meet again on the screen before ("Star Wars" 7) Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 16th news, according to foreign media reports, Hollywood actress Keri Fisher (Carrie Fisher) · before the open, open a conservative almost 40 years of secret: she and Harrison · Ford (Harrison Ford) 1976 film "Star Wars" (Star Wars) when falling in love, two people had a period of only three months to maintain the secret love. The 60 year old said Fisher accepted the "people" magazine: "it was a very intense love. We are working day to Han Solo and Princess Leia · identity to be together, we are the weekend with Keri and Harrison’s identity to be together." "Star Wars" shot in 1976, that year as "Princess Leia" Fisher was only 19 years old, Ford is only 31 years old, but when Ford is married and is the father of two children. In the recently published autobiography "the Princess Diaries" (The Princess Diarist) in Fischer revealed that the first two people to spend the night in director George · Lucas (George Lucas) after the birthday party, when Fisher extremely insecure: "I looked up at Harrison. He is a hero in his face — a few strands of hair that fell over his slightly wrinkled brow, noble, no self-confidence to such a brilliant people satisfied with my hero such beauty?" Fisher’s autobiography also revealed that Harrison · Ford bed technology is very general, but she did not care, because he was really very handsome ". Although Ford has been with Marie · Macade (Mary Marquardt) married, is the father of two children, but he is still in the eyes of the one and only the fisher. Fisher "constantly" to Ford qiuhuan, also hope that the latter gave her a diamond, which engraved with the inscription "Carrison" gold bracelet as a suitor gift. Fisher also exposed two people worked in the "Star Wars" during filming sex: once Ford will be made her drunk, then seduce her with their sex, when two people are shooting the film in tunisia. Ford and his first wife, Marie · Macade divorced in 1979, Fisher said two people marriage has nothing to do with me. She said the "Star Wars" after shooting, this secret love affair is over two people: "I was too young, I trust everything about him, he is a kind man." (Heaven) (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: