Stupid thief burglary greedy apple left DNA caught (video) e3300

Stupid thief burglary greedy apple left caught DNA prison clapped persistent stupid thief followed the woman only for stealing their pocket mobile phone within a week, he had two times, second times in his home residents eat an apple, apple put you to leave…… Public security organs to obtain evidence from the apple core samples and a sample of the same type of blood samples, and ultimately, the police arrested him with DNA technology. Recently, the procuratorate released information display, on suspicion of theft and jailed for seven months and fined the defendant. One night in mid June 2014, Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone, a residential home without a home. A man from the first floor to open the window into the room, the man found two cans in the interior, there are about 700 yuan coins and a pair of leather shoes. Subsequently, the man continued to look for other valuables in the room. During the period, he suddenly felt thirsty, so she picked up the apples in the fruit bowl, sitting on the couch while eating at the room, then throw the apple core and dropped it on the ground. The man did not find more valuable items, so began to try on shoes. Because the shoe is not right, he threw away his shoes and left with about 700 yuan. June 16th, after the owner found home stolen, immediately alarm. A week ago, the suspect Wang Shuai (a pseudonym) because of a district of Fushun city in the implementation of the theft was arrested police, the suspect DAN DNA into the public security organs in the library. The police again to suspect DNA occurred in the Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone, a residential burglary into alignment, let the police surprise, the D3S1358 detected 20 loci in Wang Shuai’s blood genotype and apple on the same. Subsequently, Wang Shuai was locked in the economic and Technological Development Zone theft suspects. 31 year old Wang Shuai, primary school culture, there is no formal work, the lack of money on his initiation of the idea of theft. In April 25, 2016, the Shenyang economic and Technological Development Zone People’s Procuratorate Wang Shuai suspected of theft prosecution to the court in May 9th of the same year, the case in the court trial, Wang Shuai pleaded guilty in court. He confessed that he was surprised that the police arrested him with an apple core. In the end, the court of First Instance sentenced Wang to commit theft and sentenced him to seven months in prison and fined $one thousand. News extension can extract DNA blood hair dandruff prosecutor handling the case said that DNA is the genetic material of human beings, each person has a set of the one and only DNA, DNA vary between people. Compared with the blood samples and fingerprints, DNA is very easy to get the cup, saliva residues and oral mucosa cells, a drop of blood has dried up and a residual hair or even just fine as dust and dandruff, are raw materials will be DNA. In addition, the stability of DNA is very good, even if it is already degraded DNA samples, its characteristics and the original DNA with genetic markers and there is not a fraction of difference, different, can be used as a marker for detection. The detection of DNA marking system makes the identification of evidence from the individual to the level that can be identified, which will become an important means to solve the case.相关的主题文章: