Taiwan New Taipei city government team in Beijing to seek new opportunities for cooperation in scien 霍金hawking

Taiwan New Taipei city government team in Beijing to seek opportunities for cooperation and innovation of science and technology Taiwan Beijing team located in Zhongguancun to visit New Taipei City venture corporation. Lu Mei photo Beijing, September 19 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Lu Mei) led by Vice Mayor Ye Huiqing Taiwan, New Taipei city government team, 19, visited the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, to seek opportunities for cooperation with the two. Ye Huiqing said that the economic revitalization is the first priority now, New Taipei City and Beijing city have great room for cooperation in the field of innovation and technology, docking and cooperation mechanism should be established more closely. Should be invited by the Taiwan Affairs Office of Beijing City, eight counties in Taiwan, New Taipei City Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Nantou County, Hualian County, Taitung County, Kinmen County, Lianjiang County for members of the delegation to visit Beijing, hope in the "92 consensus" on the basis of deepening cross-strait cooperation. Among them, the New Taipei city government team led by Vice Mayor Ye Huiqing, members include the director, bureau of agriculture of New Taipei City Economic Development Bureau of the special committee, the Taiwan Electric Power Association Beijing liaison office director, eyeing new Taipei City and Beijing science and technology innovation cooperation potential. Ye Huiqing served as the Secretary for economic development in New Taipei City for more than 3 years, the transformation of New Taipei City counseling industry, is committed to green energy investment and development. At the end of July this year when he served as deputy mayor said, look forward to assist the government team towards the goal of transformation of city. Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission Zhu Shilong introduced the development of the Beijing science and technology innovation in the field to the Ye Huiqing line. According to reports, the Beijing innovation driven strong momentum, the level of comprehensive scientific and technological progress in China’s first high-end; a strong impetus to the industry, financial industry, information transmission, software and information technology services, scientific and technical services three major industries of the city’s contribution to economic growth rate of over 70%; the public venture, the highly innovative unprecedented there are 200 active public record space, technology incubators and university science and technology park more than 150, more than 2 service enterprises. Ye Huiqing said that the number of factories and New Taipei City enterprises are in the first place in Taiwan City, in the wisdom of the city, low carbon environmental protection, youth entrepreneurship and open cooperation, have a lot of experience can be shared, can be docking with Beijing, and there are many new areas and new cooperation platform can be developed, the cooperation between the two sides we must continue, and even expand further. Especially in the process of building the Beijing sub center in New Taipei City, experience and technology will play a lot of space, hoping to establish a cooperation mechanism more closely with Beijing. Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission associated with the New Taipei City team counterpart personnel on the spot exchange contact, said the future will further cooperate. Subsequently, New Taipei City team also went to Zhongguancun to visit the entrepreneurial commune, made the street. Ye Huiqing said that cross-strait mutual benefit and people’s needs, the main purpose is to visit. Fight the economy is currently the top priority in Taiwan, the development of industries related to people’s livelihood, the mainland market is very important, can not give up. (end)相关的主题文章: