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The analysis of Chevrolet Kewozi competitiveness let peer pressure Alexander at the end of July 2016, the first time we get Chevrolet Kewozi declaration information, after only a month, the new car at the Chengdu auto show officially released, and also directly listed. Such a fast pace for a new heavy vehicle, basically with no predecessors. Drive – Kewozi SAIC Chevrolet fine structure enjoy aristocratic looks behind listed eager, in fact Kewozi positioning and pricing are quite accurate, is to cut 100 thousand yuan joint venture compact car market. As a precision guided weapons, the key line. The Kewozi – compact car market positioning, all brands are more than one layout models. Volkswagen Sagitar – (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Bao Lai (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Lang Yi (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), new Santana (ginseng, pictures, Jetta (inquiry) ginseng, pictures, inquiry); Ford Fawkes (ginseng, pictures, inquiry (Foris), ginseng, pictures, inquiry); Buick — Weilang, Hideo, the new Excelle (ginseng, pictures, inquiry). As the Chevrolet brand, but only a Ke Luzi (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) of course, a certain angle, as well as the combination of XL and the new Cruze Cruze classic. Along this road, and Sylphy Sylphy classic. 100 thousand yuan and compact car market, with GM’s Buick brand, because the location is going up, just a month of sales over a million ton output capacity, Excelle production, courage. But there is no burden for the Chevrolet brand, 100 thousand yuan less than the market had been controlled by the classical cruze. But the car is too old, let it and a little meat is not a permanent solution, so Kewozi came into being. Later, the classic Cruze will gradually withdraw from the market, its position by Kewozi succession. The price Kewozi explained the problem Kewozi positioning, it also can determine the basic price. September 2nd, the new car at the 2016 Chengdu auto show officially listed, launched a total of 5 models, priced at 7.99-10.99 million. SAIC GM Kewozi guidance price models price (yuan) 1.5L manual Xinxiang edition 7.991.5L automatic Xinxiang edition 8.891.5L manual version of the 9.091.5L version of the 9.991.5L automatic information information automatic Xinshang version 10.99 in addition, SAIC officially announced in October 31st before booking consumers can enjoy 3415-4619 yuan purchase tax relief 4000 yuan, and commercial insurance relief. Kewozi – Introduction – Interior: family style material common perception space: excellent – relaxed and comfortable not depressed – Power: household economy – Kewozi competitors qualified said, all the competitors are the layout of the more than one car in the compact car market, and the price of 8-11 million yuan, the joint venture brand should be all in a compact car the market entry models. What about breaking a finger count: the Volkswagen Group has Santana, Jetta, American cars only Fortfors J, Citroen and Peugeot) Elysee law相关的主题文章: