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The apparel industry to open global shopping spree — fashion — people.com.cn original title: clothing industry to open global shopping spree mode in the world economic slowdown to a higher degree of global apparel industry bear the brunt of the impact, but the fashion apparel is never a lack of a wonderful story. The theme of the acquisition of the capital market, the industry played forte. During the first half of the year, many brands are sold from the global to buy global gorgeous, opening a global shopping spree mode. There are nearly 5 billion 700 million acquisition of women’s domestic brand Ludwig Nash Korea Pooh, veoshoesshoes guirenniao invested 382 million 500 thousand acquisition of 51% stake; far has thousands of acquisition of British Hamleys, Anta’s acquisition of Japanese outdoor brand Descente, BELLE’s acquisition of Italy denim brand Replay. Analysts believe that by consumption and capital upgrade under the international fashion brand acquisition China enterprises is worth looking forward to the drama. The layout of the online channel quality guirenniao August 30th announcement, invested 382 million 500 thousand yuan acquisition of veoshoesshoes network technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "veoshoesshoes") 51% stake. Guirenniao said, this acquisition will promote guirenniao of sports shoes and apparel online channel layout, to further promote the sports industry operation strategy guirenniao upgrade. In the overall downturn in the retail environment, the Internet based online platform is regarded as a quality channel. Previously, Quanzhou local men’s clothing brand owned by Rimula Jinbang capital with tens of millions of dollars invested in women’s B2B platform, a batch to batch to online platform is a source of the supply chain docking wholesalers to around two wholesale, retail store terminal platform, the main clothing wholesale. It is reported that veoshoesshoes by self-employed business platform sales, warehousing, logistics, integration, and other resources to store customers, the retail price of fast selling goods is relatively moderate, the formation of profit through the sale price and the purchase cost of the price, currently online sales of new 100-lun, Skech, DC, PUMA, Seshi Asia fashion sports brand more than 20 a. Analysis and dealing with the Taiwanese enterprises for investment director of Shenzhen plain Capital Management Limited Zhou Tianzhai, the domestic apparel market environment has great changes, the number of stores is no longer absolute advantage. From the first half of this year, the domestic textile and apparel companies listed on the performance of 45 companies to achieve net profit growth, the net profit of the 34 companies declined in. Zhou Tianzhai analysis, from the first half of this year, business trends, the brand is actively adapt to the environment, the layout of the advantages of online channels, looking for potential customers. Quanzhou brand acquisition online platform, which means that the brand is changing the product pricing and marketing strategies from the inside, looking for new consumer groups." M & a boom has come data show that this year, China’s total foreign trade in the first quarter approaching the 2015 full year trading record. Driven by consumption and capital upgrades, China enterprises on the international fashion brand strong interest in overseas mergers and acquisitions news is raging like a storm. In September 2nd, Nanjing’s Vigna S announced the acquisition of South Korea’s e.land group e.land (Teenie Weenie) 5 billion 700 million to Winnie the pooh. The deal is not相关的主题文章: