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The central bank’s new regulations on strict control of personal bank account trading account or fake accounts will be "shut down" – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 30 (reporter Wei Xi) Chinese central bank issued 30 new regulations, and comprehensively promote the personal bank account management, bank accounts and fake accounts punish Trading behavior, to telecommunications network to prevent new illegal crime. The new regulations also clear that banks and Payment institutions can refuse suspicious accounts, and suspend the accounts of all accounts under the account of the business account. According to the central bank released the same day "on the strengthening of the notice" payment and settlement matters related to telecommunication network management to prevent new illegal crime, since December 1, 2016, the same person in the same bank can only open a class I, in the same payment institutions can only open a class III family. In April 1st this year, the central bank accounts according to the applicant identity verification and the level of risk, the personal bank settlement accounts are divided into I, II, III. Among them, class I households for the current personal opening, on-site verification of the identity of the counter in the bank account, with full function; class II and III households through the bank counter or the Internet and other electronic channels to open a bank account, with limited functionality, and requires the use of household and the class bound. The central bank official 30 said in answering a reporter’s question, and comprehensively promote the personal account classification management, mainly in order to effectively curb the sale of fake accounts and accounts of personal behavior, strengthen the management of my account, and the establishment of personal account protection mechanisms. As of the end of 2016 6, China’s personal bank settlement accounts 7 billion 786 million, per capita of 5.69 households. Personal account number is caused by personal accounts and assets of the poor management, inadequate attention to the account, for the sale of accounts, false accounts and fictional agency account the hidden trouble, also caused the bank management of waste of resources, long-term real account has become the bank internal risk point. In order to reduce the impact on the public, the "notice" mainly to regulate the increment in December 1, 2016, personal accounts at the same bank have open class households, no new class I, II and III households can only open. The individual before December 1, 2016 have opened class households not subject to the provisions, still maintaining the normal use. The notice will severely punish the sale of bank accounts, the behavior of fake accounts. Since January 1, 2017, banks and Payment institutions to buy bank accounts identified by the municipal level and above the public security organs of the districts of the lease, lend, sell, (including the bank card, the same below) or payment unit and individual account, organizational units and individuals to purchase, lease, lend, sell the bank account or the account, and personal impersonation or fictional agency to open a bank account or payment account, within 5 years to stop the counter business, non bank account payment account for all business, shall be 3 years for the new account. In addition, the account involved in the account under the account of other accounts, banks and Payment institutions should notify the account holder to verify identity. The account is not within 3 days to the bank counter or to pay agency to verify the identity of the bank shall on account of people)相关的主题文章: