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Figure | from the star of hope to the union of outcast! God knows he experienced what Sina _NBA_ sports _ sina.com.cn for two years, he tasted the bitter sweet life. With the upcoming October sina sports news, NBA most teams have basically completed the lineup repair. Training camp will be at the end of the camp, especially this summer, most of the contract have completed the signing of. You’ll be surprised at the crazy big contracts in the era of rising wages. In spite of this money in the summer, some people get enough to live comfortably, but not everyone can benefit from. Front runner Lance – Stephenson is still waiting for his next contract anxiously. Finally, the pelican officially signed Lance Stephens. The pelican to give Stephenson a chance, let him not to complete farewell and alliance. Perhaps Lance – the name of Stephenson has gradually faded from people’s minds, only two years. Lance Stephenson to lead the League three distance "season has in the past two years. Over the past two years, the league has changed dramatically, as Lance Stephenson’s own fate. Since then, he has been traded three times, has been removed from the team of the two. And there have been reports that Lance – Stephenson can not get the favor of the league, will have to play overseas. From the rising star of hope now alliance "alliance No one shows any interest in Lance Stephenson, a foundling" in recent years all life difficult. Walker started often think of that period of time, Lance Stephenson experienced from obscurity to a process of earthquake alliance, the experience of Duan Lizhi is probably the most sweet moments in life. Stephenson was drafted by the Pacers in the two round of the 2010 draft. Before the two season career, Lance Stephenson in his suffering silently. During this period, he had little time to play, a total of only 54 games, including only one starter. But in spite of this, he left an important footprint. Stephenson, who sat on the bench in the playoffs against the heat in 2012, made a lock throat after losing a ball in the back of the game against the Pacers in the early hours of the game against. After the game Lebron – James was asked about the matter, said: "Lance – Stephenson? You want me to talk about Lance – Stephenson? I don’t have time to talk about him." Stephenson told the world a green hand in his wild, also between days after disputes with James foreshadowed. After a season, Stephenson played with high light and James began to realize that the importance of the. As a young defender, Stephenson played 78 games for the Pacers in the 2012-13 season, he was the team offensive to the dull X factors; he pushed the ball in the transformation of the attack when the transfer, with their own way of attacking the basket, from half throw three points. When Lance play the Pacers looks tough, aggressive, showing the determination to win. After a season, Stephenson completed the redemption in the playoffs. He played all playoff games for the Pacers and helped the team win the heat in the Eastern Conference finals相关的主题文章: