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The drowning man was floating in the water more than force it ashore during peaceful times, a man actually floating in Wuhan Qingshan port, caused by a large number of passers-by crowd. Yesterday afternoon, after the Castle Peak District police, security and a joint efforts of Wuhan Iron and steel workers, drowning man was successfully rescued ashore. Metropolis Daily reporter learned that, at present, the drowning man Zhang has been out of danger back home. Hu Xiaoyang Castle Peak District Traffic Police brigade. 18 at 5 pm, he directs traffic in Road intersection intersection of ten Avenue and the construction of peace, a young man wearing a security uniform run, called "floating castle peak in Hong Kong alone", Hu Xiaoyang quickly and the security incident to about one hundred meters away. The scene, a man slowly toward the back hair floating down, about 2 meters far away from the shore. Hu Xiaoyang shouted several men shouted, but unfortunately did not respond. Hu Xiaoyang shouted again, suddenly, the man’s eyes tight, his right hand also put a little. Hu Xiaoyang realized that the man was still alive, the mood is very excited, he found a piece of wood in the long grass, red man shouted: "quick to seize the wood, I saved you!" The board extended moment in the past, men show a strong desire to survive, he pulled in the wood, Hu Xiaoyang police and security pull under slowly. On the riverbank weeds from the riverbank level about one meter high, the drowning man has nothing to exhaustion, it is difficult to go ashore. Hu Xiaoyang rushed to the crowd shouted, come help, a young man ran down to help, the three men will pull the drowning man ashore. At this time, the traffic police Wang Dezhi also rushed to the scene, he observed that the man fell into the mouth, there is no sediment in the nostrils, press the abdomen is only spit out a small saliva. "Wake up! Don’t fall asleep, the doctor will be here soon." Police Hu Xiaoyang kept beating the man’s shoulders. At the same time, people call 110, 120, red steel city police station rushed to the scene, the man carried to an ambulance, rushed to the Puren hospital. The hospital doctors, not the drowning man was sent, and in sleepiness, and unwilling to speak, the hospital of the lungs, men of vital signs were normal, the preliminary judgment of drowning is not a long time. That night, the police through the name of the man removed contact his family. The man received the treatment of nearly 1 hours, the family will be back home. Police Hu Xiaoyang introduction, after the incident, he had asked two enthusiastic people of the information, including the police security waved away, another guy claiming to be Wuhan workers. It is understood that the drowning man Zhang, 24 years old. Zhang Mu introduced, they live in Wuhan chemical industry zone, the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, Zhang ran away from home because of a quarrel with his family, after which there has been no news; Zhang after returning home, do not want to speak, why is it so difficult to fall into the water. "Home is good, we will get a chance to talk to him." Zhang Mu said. (reporter correspondent Sun Jun Huang Juan) related to the scene after the scene of the video vehicle drowning rescue techniques to escape the car, Ye Wenbo相关的主题文章: