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The lawyer refuted "insulting members" has been lost – members of the Sohu news Hongkong Senator oath country shame: Hongkong high court yesterday (4 days) the trial of "youth new" members elect Liang Songheng and tour Huizhen swearing in ceremony broadcast "alone" caused by the judicial review of the case of shame china. Integrated media reports, on behalf of the government party’s lawyer stressed that Liang You first sworn oath, adding insult to change words, and promote Hong Kong Independence, has clearly violated the basic law and the provisions of "Regulations" oaths and declarations, has lost two members of the qualification; and the president of the Legislative Council to allow again sworn, is a violation of the basic law. But Liang said the party, the oath of the dispute belongs to the internal affairs of the Legislative Council, the court should not interfere. Judge Qu Qingxiang listened to both arguments, that will make a ruling as soon as possible, defer issued written judgment. During the two Liang You sworn in October 12th in court and Liang Songheng Huizhen to abuse, national tour, splitting up, mocking the oath, caused a great disturbance. In October 18th, the Department of justice on behalf of the chief executive Liang Zhenying and the Secretary for justice Yuan Guoqiang filed with the high court, vowed to apply for judicial review events. Comprehensive Ta Kung Pao, 01 website, East network news, 3 cases of trial, the main issue is whether the Legislative Council or chairman of the court has the right to decide the oath is effective or not, and whether to allow the problem to take it again. Early in the morning, a large number of groups in Hongkong outside the high court demonstrations, Liang Liang, tour two people insult country words and deeds, asking the court to allow no more than two people swear again. Civil society treasure group convener Li Bi said that the development of things now that Hongkong has been unable to deal with the matter, it should ask the people’s Congress to explain. Anti Hong Kong Independence people outside the high court demonstration. These folk groups then rushed to the Legislative Council and the Legislative Council to demonstrate, "do not submit a request for maintenance of beam" country shame "and Liu Zheng" Hong Kong Independence "scum" petition. Liang Junyan, chairman of the Legislative Council, and Mr Liang Meifen accepted the petition. Liang Meifen said: thanks to the public’s support for the dignity of the rule of law. Hongkong is part of China, and there is no room for any so-called "national self-determination". We must adhere to the principle of "one country, two systems" and resolutely expel Hong Kong Independence from the legislative council." She also said that now the most dangerous is that some members, do not use the word "Hong Kong Independence", but the use of parliamentary privileges to do whatever they want to promote the political objectives of the divided country. We must not allow these people to turn the Legislative Council into a "Hong Kong Independence" platform, and urge members of the public to supervise the oversight of members of the parliament, and to uphold the rule of law in Hongkong. On behalf of the government party including SC Mo Shulian and Yu Ruohai. More than a hearing on the first mention, noting that there are media reports will be released by the National People’s Congress, the SAR government has sought confirmation to the central government, but has not been answered, if there is a message will inform the court as soon as possible. He shows that the government has no intention of seeking an interpretation, the case should be treated in the judicial system. On behalf of two senior government counsel Yu Ruohai (right) and Mo Shulian (left). Government lawyers: by oath broadcast alone obvious illegal, oath case does not involve the internal affairs of the Legislative Council, said Liang You, during the first oath of Yu Ruohai, Chi.相关的主题文章: