The lone man robbed specifically lesbian 1 locations for 3 times after the crime was arrested restorator

The lone man robbed specifically lesbian 1 locations for 3 times after the crime was arrested the original title: Men rob lone women the same place 3 consecutive crime Chinese daily news (reporter Chen Yonghui) the object of robbery are single women, and the crime locations are in the same park, 2 times in a row after committing the crime, is still not able to accept hand. November 1st, the suspect man had third times in the day robbery, was arrested by the police and the masses. The evening of October 27th, Shangzhou District of Wu Fang (a pseudonym) walking alone in the city of Shangluo Lianhu Park, and paid no attention to the people around, suddenly, a man from behind she threw herself on the ground and took her bag and mobile phone. Wu Fang panic alarm. 4 days after the incident, with the lone woman robbed the case took place in the same place, because the first two cases occurred in the park, easy to cause mass panic, the Public Security Bureau of Shangzhou attaches great importance to the case analysis, to carry out special investigation work. "Through the transfer of the case to carry out investigation and relevant data on the scene analysis, found two consecutive robbery cases, the modus operandi of crime officers feature roughly the same, is likely to be the same person." November 3rd, a police officer involved in the case, they will be two cases and case investigation. Let them not think of is, November 1st morning 11 am, the suspect again robbed of a lone woman, this time occurred in the daytime, the victim to call around the masses and the police, the suspect in the escape process, by the people around and rushed to the police weizhui intercept was arrested. The police interrogation, the suspect Cao Moumou (male, 30 years old, Henan Province on the Fanxian) robbery crime confessed to the crime in Lianhu park. Currently Moumou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: