The man disappeared after 11 years of bitter police finally broken headless homicide cases in Beijin carmex润唇膏

The man disappeared after 11 years of bitter police finally broken headless homicide cases – Beijing reporter Gao Zhiqiang intern correspondent Niu Jingfang Hou Huina. The 11 years ago, Neihuang County Public Security Bureau police brigade received a woman police said, her husband Lee had been missing for two days, suspected of being killed. 11 years later, with a more than 20 meters deep underground bones was dug up, the ring across time for 11 years without a head is Neihuang County police successfully cracked the murder. Recently, the reporter from the Neihuang County police learned that, at present, the police have according to the prosecution of criminal suspects arrest. The case against her husband disappeared, their friends have a major suspect in March 11, 2005, Neihuang County Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade received a report of two Anxiang women, said her husband Lee yesterday from home and never came back, suspected of being killed. Neihuang County Public Security Bureau received a report immediately after the investigation. The police investigation found that the disappearance of Lee, aged 33, is a veterinarian, who runs a veterinary store. In March 9, 2005, Lee told his wife to the vet for two days after the store did not go home, his wife and family looking for, but I can’t find it. Police investigators along the trail of the daily behavior of Lee to find a long time, but did not find any valuable clues. Lee actually go where? Where are the people? Why not see people dead? Neihuang County Public Security Bureau after investigation, found Lee’s friend a single major suspects. A single, born in 1975, 3 years younger than Lee, Lee in a single home street outlet opened a veterinary store, business is good, usually a single Lee brother to match. In Lee after missing 3 days, a single police judge Lee also disappear without a trace, the disappearance of a single relation must find a single a pressing matter of the moment. According to a single police social relations, he may be hiding places all over the place, is missing. Since then the police in Shanxi, Guangdong, Hebei and other places to pursue it, but there is no harvest. The detection of doubt and wife, friends will be killed after the fugitive charnel 11 years later, as a single from disappeared, everyone in that case hopeless, in August 28th this year, the Hebei police came the news: Online fugitives were captured in a single! Neihuang County police brigade received Hebei province Linzhang police phone, local police in a bus on the Internet fugitives seized a routine inspection by neihuang. Neihuang County Police Brigade police drove straight to the Linzhang County Detention Center, would hunt for suspects 11 years back to a single neihuang. In the face of police interrogation, but a single question on what the police will be listed as online fugitives, there is evidence to prove their guilt. However, with the interrogation step by step, a single psychological defense began to collapse, and finally confessed to the murder of his own criminal facts. According to a single statement, on suspicion of Lee and his wife. In desperation, Lee stabbed to death, and then dumped an abandoned old wells, and to be buried. According to a single statement, the police found the eyes of the old wells. Because the wells have long been abandoned.相关的主题文章: