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The marvel movie villain combat list of Marvel official authoritative data Marvel film can achieve the macro universe now scale, and the villain to spare no effort to invade the earth are inextricably related, as "Doctor Strange" hit on the occasion, we may wish to review the degree since 2008 14 Marvel films in the ultimate Marvel Universe Movie villain, to screen the expansion from the perspective of bad guy. (all data obtained by the official marvel, out of 7 points) more than Dormammu power index: 6.3 Mumm equipment skills: dark energy, manipulating the multiverse the "strange doctor" is the strongest multi Mumm Marvel movie villain appeared so far in the universe, so that Dr. Yu Qiyi can only take the wretched play to win. The cartoon belongs to the spirit of the existence of multi Mumm valthe (singular often conjure flame from the dimension) family, but the food material and energy is a congenital defect is not as strange. In the comics, Domam in the darkness dimension energy to end in one fell swoop singular, accidentally released the Lost Army of demons. This singular loss repel demons, then Domam will be expelled from the earth, the two became enemies. Must be in the movie, Domam comeback, perhaps in the "Infinite War" after Domam can take over thanos after becoming the ultimate BOSS old thief. Thanos Thanos power index: 6 equipment skills: unlimited gloves story "the Avengers", "the Milky Way guard", "the Avengers: alltronic era", "the Avengers: Infinite War" as a marvel third stage BOSS clearance, thanos always exist as dark lines. He gave the rocky soul gem mace, and appointed him led the invasion of earth extraterrestrial army in the heart qi tro; multiple gems are removed, and reached an agreement with Ronan, to destroy the mountain Dahl star in return for sending Ronan to search power stones, Ronan did not expect the mutiny, AUTRO war defeat, thanos finally sit still again, wearing gloves to infinite personally. In the "strange doctor" determines the time gem is the eye of Argo motorcycle, finally left a gem whereabouts unknown. When the six infinite gem all appeared on the screen, the destruction of the tyrant will be combined with the United States to start a beyond imagination, unlimited war". Ronan Ronan power index: 5.6 equipment skills: super human physical, armed with a hammer of God the "guard" the Milky Way "accused Ronan" is highly legalized "Kerrey star", and is the core power of "the constitution of the society against group leaders. In rejecting the truce the enemy – Shan Dahl star, Ronan turned to the universe of thanos, eager to use his power to destroy Dahl, and thanos offer is for him to retrieve a mysterious "sphere". After recognizing the ball is unlimited gem of "power gems" heart of greed Ronan intended for himself. Dahl Ronan is going to be destroyed but was xingjue fevered dance to attract, fall into the Milky Way power gem guard hands.相关的主题文章: