The month Ji Yuesao o2o service platform! Your side of the maternal maternal and child care experts oboni

The month Ji Yuesao O2O service platform! Influence your side of the maternal and child care experts – maternal Sohu in the Internet, more and more families migrate from offline to online, the traditional family life scene is changing with it. With the second child of the new deal in the news, some experts expect the next 3 years, China will form a moderate scale of baby boomers, millions of newborns will create a new blue ocean for our baby industry". Now, looking Yuesao can also like to use a taxi software as convenient. Recently, the Sichuan Mdt InfoTech Ltd professional O2O service month season platform will be on the line, this is a specific O2O service platform, neonatal Yuesao nanny market is different from the traditional intermediary institutions and Yuesao, development and operation service system platform has a complete season month, by maternal maternal and child care teacher, mentor, senior nutritionist, Chinese medicine physical therapists, breast care experts, emotional care division, postpartum repair mentor and other experts of the service team, from the beginning during pregnancy, maternal and child care service one-stop home to postpartum. The month season is by temperature season month in Sichuan Mdt InfoTech Ltd independent research and development and run independently of a service platform, users can through the computer terminal, WeChat client, APP online search with the requirements of their own good yuesao. In the case of WeChat, the user through the mobile phone number after registration, fill in the demand preference and maternal Yuesao’s own situation, including education, nationality, family experience, family style and eating habits etc.. The information submitted, the customer service center will be selected in accordance with the terms of the Yuesao, telephone users. Users can view detailed information on WeChat’s experience, in addition to maternal and child care and nursing qualification Yuesao, Yuesao and maternal and child care action video demo. Pregnant mother can be signed online, online transaction closed loop. It is reported that the month season must provide a platform provided Yuesao offer to the employer, no extra subsidies or ask for a red envelope. Each signed after the success of the platform will receive 10% of the deposit of each transaction to the employer and Yuesao, the platform does not charge a fee. Sichuan month season Mdt InfoTech Ltd focused on the cause of maternal and child, the main business location in the special "80, 90" families of maternal and child class service providers, provide a set of pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum repair solution for women.相关的主题文章: