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The implementation of school reform program: students control the proportion of the Central Committee and the Ministry of Education recently jointly issued the "implementation plan" to promote the reform of the Communist Youth League school, the innovation of high school reform of the Communist Youth League, proposed to explore the establishment of education work group group teaches collaborative organization, implementation of secretary of the Communist Youth League school post dedicated in 3 to 5 years, to strengthen the advanced the construction of the students proportion control. This paper puts forward the reform measures from five aspects and the sixteen areas. First, reform and optimize the organization system and operating mechanism. The proposed scheme, to carry out institutional school league "in the school class squat direct contact Student League branch and student youth activities, the Central Committee, responsible for the work of the Communist Youth League and the Provincial Communist Youth League school in the county League (including education work group) full-time cadres every year not less than 15 working days to the school in the school class squat" direct contact, and often not less than 100 young teachers and students, teachers cadres every year high school at least 1 or more direct contact with the grassroots League branch, specific guidance Mission Branch construction. Second, strengthen the building of advanced nature. Put forward the strict development league system, with about 3 years to middle and high school graduating class group respectively at 30%, 60%, the development of strict standards, norms of the League program, improve the quality of students development; explore the implementation of Class League branch and the class integration operating mechanism, to explore the implementation of monitor as League branch deputy secretary and Secretary of the League branch concurrently monitor system, to explore the new practice of senior high school and vocational school elective classes in construction practice. Third, the content and methods of reform and innovation. The innovation of the ideological and political guidance and value guidance, deepen the dialogue with life rainbow of life "," 14 year old collective birthday "18 adult ceremony" activities such as the construction of ideological connotation, classification integration leading system, established Youth League education, innovation. Fourth, reform and improve the system of middle school cadres. Perfect the cadre selection mechanism, the Secretary of the Communist Youth League Post dedicated in 3 to 5 years, according to the school with middle level cadres and management, the principle of the Communist Youth League cadres part-time teacher’s qualifications on school teachers with less than half the amount of class teachers, cadres of the evaluation to the work of the Communist Youth League as the main content, assessment the results and achievements as well as the important basis for hire job and wage distribution. Fifth, strengthen the relevant security mechanism. Strengthen and improve Party building mechanism, education administrative departments at all levels to the middle school building as an important part of the work of Party building, to promote the group to build into the school building work plan and the annual assessment of the content, the building work accounted for not less than 10%, the school should be made clear by the leaders in charge of the work of the Communist Youth League in 1, the establishment of a school party the team regularly listen to special reports on the work of the Communist Youth League system. According to Xinhua News Agency (Chengdu business daily electronic version)相关的主题文章: