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The sea cucumber most cattle avoid regulatory Yiqiao scheme: inventory stock exchange hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu China Times (public No.: ChinaTimes) reporter Zhang Xueguang reported in Beijing this year in the first half year profits fell sharply after 75%, sea cucumber (002447.SZ) Yiqiao asset restructuring has become of no return, faced with the Commission on merger and acquisition of game assets cross-border restrictions, sea cucumber Yiqiao should come up with methods of assets replacement, in order to bypass the regulatory review. The first is the re suspension of sea cucumber Yiqiao in March this year, invited the Haitong Securities as a financial advisor. In accordance with the original plan, the reorganization of the underlying asset is Hao Xin Internet (Beijing) Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Xin Hao Internet") and Beijing rosan youbei network technology limited company, the restructuring involves major asset restructuring. However, in the company during the suspension, the Commission for cross-border mergers and acquisitions of listed companies games assets introduced restrictions, this scheme if the sea cucumber Yiqiao submitted to the SFC, is obviously difficult to pass. According to the revised financial advisor Yiqiao sea program, as part of the company to come up with the April 30, 2016 inventory, fixed assets, intangible assets, in the construction of a total of 990 million yuan of assets, and the standard value of 990 million Yuan Hao Xin also connected to replacement options. After the completion of the replacement, the listed company set out nearly half of the assets, placement is an entertaining 55% stake in the company, Hao Xin Internet will become a subsidiary of Yiqiao of sea cucumber. Since it does not involve new shares, so the reorganization of assets is not required to submit regulatory review, only through the general meeting of shareholders to vote. For the replacement of assets of sea cucumber Yiqiao, it is cost-effective, and low profitability to the valuation of assets for the relatively high network game assets, but also gives the counterparty performance commitments; but on the contrary, the deal for Internet stocks in East Nanchang Xin Hao Jing Xin is not so cost-effective, moreover, hold Nanchang Jing Xin shares to strategic investors, apparently unable to obtain the shares of listed companies through the replacement of assets. More coincidentally, on the release of the asset replacement program at the same time in Yiqiao sea cucumber, the major shareholders of the company and its concert also proposed a reduction scheme, 1 billion 30 million yuan of shares of listed companies held in the future through a big deal for six months, after the reduction, the company’s major shareholders and concerted action will to 30.8% the proportion of listed companies holding. Listed companies in the announcement, said only that the reduction is out of personal financial needs, did not explain whether the reorganization of assets involved. However, investors questioned, in the case of the same amount of funds, the majority of shareholders and their concerted action will be through the reduction of cash funds to buy back the assets out of it? The reporter asked this question of the sea cucumber Yiqiao’s explanation is that the company in August last year, because of相关的主题文章: