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The seat was surrounded by red stone castle, miss another year! Sohu – tourism is now the UAV seems to have become the standard of tourism. This does not, a few days ago, there are users on their own to take a trip to the Fangshan Feng Feng Ling, also shared his shooting video. Now the slope of Feng Ling leaves is the most beautiful time of the year! The sky, a fiery red. It is the unique perspective of aerial Po Feng Ling magnificent behaved most incisive. If you don’t say much, let’s take a look…… When we stand in the sky to see the slope of Feng Ling leaves, that is what kind of feeling — Hongye poem, charming, enchanting! Red leaves like Xia, storied dip, brilliant brilliant! The red colored ink, picturesque, red flowers and trees, beautiful! The spread of yellow, deep yellow and red pavilions, all over the mountains and plains colorful, ever-changing! Climb afar as if exposure to a huge red ink painting! There is also a kind of red in the world called "red mountain peak"! Do not know if you have to pay attention to? In the red slope hills all over the mountains and plains also stands a quaint stone castle ""…… This is the reclusive country · cloud stone. Here, you can easily experience the light of heart from care, leisurely chat, like to go to a friend’s house guest that through careful collocation and creative layout, create a unique charm in the country, opened the window is all over the mountains and plains scenery, no longer have to worry about their own legs tired tramp over mountains and through ravines! Living in this stone castle feeling, just like stepping into the house is full of birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers art hall, the leaves rustled in the wind, full of beautiful melody. Air in the homes of the sunny, autumn leaves, and here by a combination of different art space, let you hate in leisure a little vacation. What? You want to look at the slope of Feng Ling, feel the autumn leaves for the world, then quickly scheduled, so gentle and comfortable are often hard to find a room in the village…… If you miss, you have to wait for another year, start quickly oh! Reclusive country · cloud stone reclusive country · cloud stone house is located in Fangshan District Zhoukou Zhen Feng Ling slope area. Ten main city wall stone building owned by village courtyard group, as a result of the slope peak ridge rolling mountains, Pinnacle peaks, from the foot of the mountain overlooking the name "touch the sky as the cloud stone". The cloud stone existing Yishiyiting 7 yuan; two bedroom 2 yuan; 1 yuan sanshiyiting. Accommodation by the whole hospital booking. Price: 960~2980 yuan into the number of days in the hospital stay: 1 rooms: 2 adults and 1 children; 2 rooms: 4 adults and 2 children; 3 rooms: 6 adults and 3 children address: Mount Huangshan Po Dian Cun Feng Ling Fangshan District scenic area of Beijing Zhoukou Zhen in booking Tel: 18511536839相关的主题文章: