The six military will add 4 spies will be biggest expansion since the Cold War qqq258.com

The six military will add 4 spies will be the biggest expansion since the Cold War: British military data figure six headquarters building original title: military intelligence six will add 4 will be the largest since the Cold War spy expansion according to the British Reuters reported on September 22nd, the Broadcasting British Corporation said the British Intelligence Agency "and six" (MI6) will an increase of 4 to spy for the biggest expansion since the cold war, six military intelligence will also seek to master new technology. Sources said, six military has 2500 people, to 2020 will increase to nearly 3500 people. While the six military did not disclose the current scale of staff. This week, six military Commissioner Alex Janger has said that the terrorist threat to the religious influence on the western world will continue, only from the extremist organization Islamic state retook the territory does not solve the problem, gradually deepening global fragmented situation will lead to more militant. In the works, six military intelligence has many classic roles, from John Le Carre’s George smiley to Ian Fleming’s James Bond, who on duty overseas, shouldering the responsibility to defend the national interest of the United kingdom. Internship compile: An Ziyuan reviewer: Tan Liya)相关的主题文章: